To recognize Jesus, simply open the eyes to see him

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There is a story about a king who decided to set aside a special day to honor his greatest subject. When the big day arrived, there was a large gathering in the palace courtyard.

Four finalists were brought forward, and from these four, the king would select the winner. The first person presented was a wealthy philanthropist. The king was told that this man was highly deserving of the honor because of his humanitarian efforts. He had given much of his wealth to the poor.

The second person was a celebrated physician. The king was told that this doctor was highly deserving of the honor because he had rendered faithful and dedicated service to the sick for many years.

The third person was a distinguished judge. The king was told that the judge was worthy because he was noted for his wisdom, his fairness, and his brilliant decisions.

The fourth person presented was an elderly woman. Everyone was quite surprised to see her there, because her manner was quite humble, as was her dress. She hardly looked the part of someone who would be honored as the greatest subject in the kingdom. What chance could she possibly have, when compared to the other three, who had accomplished so much?

Even so, there was something about her; the look of love in her face, the understanding in her eyes, her quiet confidence. The king was intrigued, to say the least, and somewhat puzzled by her presence. He asked who she was. The answer came: “you see the philanthropist, the doctor, and the judge? Well she was their teacher!” The woman had no wealth, no fortune, and no title, but she had unselfishly given her life to produce great people. There is nothing more powerful or more Christ-like than sacrificial love. The king could not see the value in the humble lady. He missed the significance of the teacher.

Often we miss the value of those around us. I think it would surprise us to know how often we miss the presence of Christ, just as Cleopas and another man missed the significance of the stranger on the road to Emmaus.

Luke 24: 13-35 records an encounter two men had with Jesus. They were walking along the road that led to village named Emmaus. As they were walking and talking a “stranger” joins them in their journey. This stranger is Jesus. The two men are discussing the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. The two are bewildered by these events. Jesus uses the scriptures to explain to them how Christ would give his life for the payment of sin and then rise on the third day.

The two men urge Jesus to stay with them for the night. Jesus obliges and just as He blesses and breaks the bread, He suddenly disappears from their midst. Suddenly the men realize they were in the company of the risen savior!

In the midst of your journey on this earth would you recognize Jesus? Chances are your life is not perfect. You may have moments where everything is right with the world, but then suddenly the moment is gone and you are left disappointed or devastated much like these two men.

Realize Jesus is alive. He promised in Matthew 28:20, “...I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” There is not a single second out of your day in which you are out of his watchful presence. You have to simply open the eyes of your heart to see him. See him when you’re on a mountain top. See him when you’re walking through a deep dark valley. Pray “Lord open the eyes of my heart and let me see you today. Let me see you in my victories. Let me see you in my defeats. Let me see you when I am frustrated. Let me see you always.” Don’t miss out on seeing and experiencing the presence of the Lord in your life.

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The Rev. Graham Reynolds is pastor of the Ghent Baptist Church in Ghent, Ky.