Riverfront Development

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What would you like to see developed along the riverfront in Carrollton?

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How about a trail from 6th street to the RV Park

How about a Hike/Bike trail from 6th street along the river, through Point Park, to the new RV park? Something nice like they have in Madison would be great, but even just a blacktopped trail wide enough for people on bikes to pass each other would be good start. Some nice plantings along the trail could be used to provide some privacy for home and business owners who desire it. It would need to be easy to clean up after flooding. It might also need some lights on poles if it is going to be accessible at night ... for safety and security.

A trail would provide access to downtown via bikes from the RV park. It would promote healthy exercise. The views from the trail would be great. It would be a selling point for bringing events to the Point Park. It would provide access to alternate parking for Point Park events that would not require people walking flooding Main Street.

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