Safety is a key for use of generators at home

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Many households run generators during a power outage and homeowners should take extra precautions to avoid injury. Generators powered by gasoline or diesel fuel can produce potentially deadly levels of carbon monoxide and should be operated only in well-ventilated, covered, unheated areas. Never use them inside. 

Homeowners should always practice extreme caution when using a generator to power the home.

Make sure the generator is listed by an independent testing organization, such as Underwriters Laboratory.

Protect the generator from exposure to rain, but under no circumstances should generators be used indoors, including a garage. Do not operate the generator near any open windows or doorways.

Before using a generator, make sure to install a carbon monoxide detector near sleeping areas to alert the family in the event of increased levels of CO in the home.

Never connect a generator to the home’s electrical system; instead, plug what you want to power directly into the generator.

Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and maintenance schedule.

For more information, call Carroll County Emergency Management, (502) 732-7019.