Santa receives more Christmas wishes from local children

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Jaclyn McGahan’s

second-grade class

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want make up, stuffed animals, all a lot of books and Diary of Wipy Kid. Badaszelled balls. Slushy maker. More ds games. All of the One Direction songs. Dream lights, mp4.

From Skilar Polley

Dear Santa,

I want 2 skat bords 2 of lgthats and 8 pars of black spares 2 pars of boys DCsd and a pare of pink spary and toys!

Thak you for my stuff,

Emily A.

Dear Santa,

I want a 70 ench flat screen tv, a baby dog. I want a lap top. I want a Kindle. I want a cuputer. Pink dig dag. I want a elf named elf clos. A Heloo Kitty Blakit.

From, Sydney

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want skylanders, a dog, Imagenatext, a Wii nunchuk, all of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, slushy maker, more Wii games, screen replacement, music, stuffies, flipies, stampies, dream lights.

From, Hunter

Dear Santa,

I want an Ipod, Brier Butey, and week socks, more books and a pair of shoses.

From, Lauren

Dear Santa,

I wunt a xbox360 in 3D and a shotgun and a ps4 and a ps3 and a snake and a Iphone 5 and a dog and a cat for m crismis and a mocin choi drdy car.

Form Gage

Dear Santa,

I wunt a play sashtoin 3. I oso wunt a now bit bike. And a play sashtoin 4. And toys cars. And new wesirs!

From, Harley

Dear Santa,

I want a xbox360 with minecraft because I been good. I want a creeper. I want a snake at Davllerstop. I want a pet snake. I want a mopercik all. I want a ghost duster zaper. I want all the ghostdusters thing.

From, Jereme

Dear Santa,

I wut a xbox360 with a game in it. I wut a miny caf. I wut a cucil hielerkopter. I wut a nieceitimer. I wut a moa tusike. I wut goastbuster stuf.

From Dakota

Dear Santa,

I what a 70 inch flat screan tv. I want a Ipod for Chrismas. I want a xbox360 for Chrismas. I want a elf on the shelf. I want a fathead.

From, Shaelyn

Dear Santa,

I want a Robert Grifith III. Santa I relly wunt a play satoltion four with Madden 25. Santa pleas get me a Adrian Peterson jersey.

From, Nicholas

Dear Santa,

I want a ipod for crismas really really want it. And I want some ocbeys for cristmas. And a girl Elf on the shelf for cristmas.

From, Nevaen

Dear Santa,

I what a play pola. Pleas santa alos and I what a doll hosue and a Hello Kitty blenket. And a red blenkey that has green dots. Can I have it I have been a gond girl can I have is for Chrismispoc.

From, Chelsea

Dear Santa

Dear Santa I want a elf for Crismas. I really want and a nother thang for crismas. I really want a puppy.

From, Jacob Crawford

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa may I please have a 3ds, tecne, ps4, ps2, psu, 2ds, shelf elf, xbox versen of minecraft. Pleas iv ben vere good.

From, Conner

Dear Santa,

I want a xbox one. I bin good boy. I want a paite ball gun. I bin good boy. I want a DS. I bin good boy.

From, Chace

Dear santa,

I want a airplane with a romot control. And a Just Dance game 2014 for xbox. And also some color pencles in a box. I been good all the day and folowing direction in school. Thanks.

From, Wesley

Dear Santa,

I want a bike. I want a xbox. I want two reslers. I want a ring. I want a nadie tablet. I want a dustey plane. I want a Iphone. I want a Ipod.

From, Steven

Dear Santa,

i want a ifone i bin a good cid sana. i want a xbox for crismis. i want a elf on the shelf.

Form Tara

Dear Santa,

I have always wanted a xbox 360. I’ve also wanted the game Madden 25. I want a computer desk. I want a computer to go with. I want Bengals wallpaper too. And for my family to stay healthy.

From, Ayden

Dear Santa,

I want a baby doll and a gril elf on the shelf and a laptop and some cloese and a pike skoter and some ds games and some books and any kind of gril toys and some Barbie dolls and a stuf animal.

From, Denisse