School menu | Oct. 24, 2013

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Thursday, Oct. 24: BBQ with bun, potato wedges, kale, baked apples, orange; breakfast: Cheese omelet.

Friday, Oct. 25: Seafood basket, Mac and cheese, cole slaw, Nantucket veggies, apple, fruit cocktail; breakfast: Donuts.

Monday, Oct. 28: Hot dog with bun, potato wedges, great Northern beans, orange, pears; breakfast: Pancake on a stick.

Tuesday, Oct. 29: Chicken Parmesan, prov. blend veggies, garden salad, breadstick, banana, pineapple tidbits; breakfast: Muffins.

Wednesday, Oct. 30: Spaghetti with meat sauce, California blend, peas, grapes, applesauce; breakfast: Donuts.

Thursday, Oct. 31: Chili, grilled cheese sandwich, grilled broccoli and carrots, orange, fruit cocktail; breakfast: Oatmeal.