Schools should be closed Memorial Day

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As a retired employee of the Carroll County school system for 31 years, I believe having school on Memorial Day is one of the most thoughtless things I have ever heard of in the school system.

Memorial Day is the day we honor all the veterans of the United States of America that have served our country for years and years. It is a day of family get-togethers.

I noticed in the school calendar for the year 2013-14 that we didn’t go to school January 20. Why not? We also didn’t go Nov. 5 (election day). We didn’t have an election in Kentucky the year of 2013. What are we teaching our children, that things that happened in history don’t matter.

Are we worried about attendance on June 1? If we are, it might be interesting as to how bad our attendance will be May 26, it probably will outnumber the absentees that we would have had June 1.

Is this for somebody’s personal choice and if it is get over it. If it is, who are they thinking about?

In 1977-78 we were out of school from Christmas break until February 3, 1978. We made those days up by extended days and on the end of the calendar year. You didn’t hear any complaints.

It doesn’t seem like it is what they were elected to do for our school children. And yes, I do have great-grandchildren in school and am volunteering at Kathryn Winn. I still care and still have my opinion and I vote every election. By the way, I am a poll worker in the election and might have to give up my day’s work so somebody else can have his or her way.

Remember life isn’t always about what we want. There are other people to consider.

Marie Garrett