Schools work to encourage early college entry

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By Jeff Moore

Carroll County Assistant Superintendent Bill Hogan said the school district is working on ways to see more students continue their education at the college level.

At the April 26 board of education meeting, he said the school district is looking at ways to get students starting college early, completing their high school requirements and being able to transition into college at a higher rate with the credits they have already earned.

Some at the high school had gone the Advanced Placement route, Hogan said. He said they are now looking for other options to help students who are not seen as AP students. “This is really to target ‘at-risk’ students” who might not attend college, he said.

Board chairman Mona Kindoll asked how they hope to accomplish this.

Hogan said the use of virtual classrooms may provide the additional instruction these students need.

He noted they have worked with the Jefferson Community and Technical College to open the doors to early college. Hogan also hopes to learn more from Scott County, Ky. on its use of an academy approach.

While it may be a virtual classroom, Superintendent Lisa James said, there will still be an instructor who is helping the students.

“I think it’s a must when you consider the children and our families that are struggling,” Carroll County High School Principal John Leeper said.

Students may do well for the first two years at high school, but then struggle with the last two, he said. “They are ready to move on. Finding that carrot to dangle out in front of them, it gets difficult to do that for a year and a half, two years.”

Leeper said this would make it possible for them to go on and earn that two-year degree from JCTC and to start work early.