Setting measurable goals is key to success

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As an athlete – and yes you are an athlete if you are exercising – you want to train hard, practice hard and be the best you can be, correct?

Do you find yourself making broad statements such as, ‘I want to lose weight, body fat or I want to put on a little muscle?’ Then I am sorry to be blunt, but those are not goals. These are, at best, a wish list.

An effective goal deals with specifics, and it must have a deadline. Without those parameters, goals are powerless and not effective. They will not get you where you want to be.

If you are not setting goals, you are operating at a fraction of your true potential. Goals are that powerful when implemented correctly. Structured goal setting is a commonality between the top achievers in all walks of life. Top-level people often credit goal setting as a primary driver of their success. So with that in mind, let’s look at nine steps to great goal setting.

Set specific, measurable goals based on a timeline – The more specific, the more effective.  i.e. -  I will lose 5 percent body fat by December.

Set moderately difficult but realistic goals – The more difficult, the better performance in the training used to achieve the goal. i.e. – I will add five pounds of muscle through heavy weight training .

Set short-range and long-range goals – By having and completing the short-range goals, the long-term gets taken care of in the process.

Set process, performance and outcome goals, however ensure that you are not overly focused only on the outcome goals of winning – Focus on the process and the performance and it will lead to winning.

Set goals for practice and competition.

Set positive goals, never negative ones.

Record goals once identified and achieved. – Put it to pen and paper.

Provide support – Hold yourself accountable.

Group goals – Sit down with your team/family etc. and let them know about your goal(s) to get support and or motivation from them

As you can see, setting a goal takes a little time and thought.  A great way to learn and become good at the process is making a list of the nine steps and placing it in a spot that you visit daily. Try to read it daily and think about the list in addition to its goal setting application plan before and after your next training session.

One to grow on: There is a difference between working out and training. Working out is just going in and lifting or running without a plan or a goal, but with training, you have a plan and goal set!


Beau Arney is the owner of Mass Appeal Personal Performance Training, a personal training/fitness program design business in Carrollton. Questions or to request for training or program design, contact Beau at (502) 645-9560 or via Facebook at Mappt Beau Arney.