Simple changes in new year can lead to better health

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In this month’s article we are going to touch on a variety of topics, including training, to help give you some information to process and research to aid you into the new year with any health and fitness resolutions you may be thinking about for 2014.


Pilates and yoga exercises are a spine-friendly alternative to sit ups and crunches.

The traditional method for building abs is to perform hundreds of sit-ups or crunches. Unfortunately, for some, these exercises put excessive stress on spinal disks. During most sports movements the core muscle groups mainly serve as stabilizers to transfer force between the upper and lower body. The core acts as a spring to enhance strength and power.

Electromyography tests have recently proven that muscle activation during various static ab and core exercises used in pilates and yoga built the core muscles without stress to the spine.

Standing abdominal exercises are relatively ineffective for building abdominal muscles but build other central muscles that improve overall strength.


Healthy fats increase survival from prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is the second highest cancer-related cause of death in men. Each year 239,000 men in the United States are diagnosed with the disease, and 30,000 die from it.

Recent studies show that men with prostate cancer that replace animal fats and carbohydrates with healthy fats from avocados, nuts and olive oil reduce the risk of death from prostate cancer by 25 percent. Adding just one tablespoon of oil-based salad dressing to the diet every day had a positive effect on the death rate of this disease.

Fat loss

Short sleep duration is linked to obesity.

Sleep-deprived individuals have a greater body mass index (BMI), which is the proportion of weight to height.

BMI is the current standard used for most health and life insurance plans. Age, physical activity, smoking, drinking or health status did not influence the relationship.

Many studies link inadequate sleep to obesity. Most of these studies found that appetite and food intake from snacks increased more following sleep deprivation. People tend to eat more snacks when they don’t get enough sleep, which further promotes obesity.

These are just a few topics to get you thinking about what you personally can do for yourself to get 2014 off to a healthier, more active year.

Get active and eat clean. It can be that simple. It is not going to be easy to make those changes, but it will be worth it.


Beau Arney is the owner of Mass Appeal Personal Performance Training, a personal training/fitness program design business in Carrollton. Questions or to request for training or program design, contact Beau at (502) 645-9560 or via Facebook at Mappt Beau Arney.