Soccer infraction mention draws fire

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I’m writing to express my dismay at The News-Democrat’s singling out Carroll County High School varsity soccer player Erick Lewis, in the most recent issue of the paper.

It was unnecessary to devote two entire paragraphs to Erick’s infractions. Unless the paper is committed to singling out every player, in every sport, for every infraction, then it was wrong to do this to Erick.

The article neglected to state what Erick’s first yellow card was for. It was for “encroachment.” That is when a kicker is closer than rules allow on a kick-off, corner kick, goal kick or penalty kick. I might add that it was a questionable call on the part of the ref.

As the article stated, the second yellow was for removing his jersey in celebration of a goal.

Neither infraction was for hurting anyone in any way. Nothing was done out of anger or malice.

There is no dispute about the two game suspensions. Erick understands that this is a KHSAA rule. However, to single him out in the article simply wasn’t very nice to Erick.

Erick apologized to the refs, coaches and to the other team. He is doing everything asked of him by his coach and by the school as part of his discipline. All of that, combined with missing two games his senior year should be punishment enough without the newspaper singling him out.

Jennifer White