Speakers for Champions must be OK’d

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I want to take this opportunity to inform those of you that may be somewhat confused on how programs in Carroll County Schools work. I’ve been confronted by different individuals throughout the community on what alcohol or drug awareness/education programs should be brought into our schools. Although [I am] Champions for a Drug Free Carroll County Coordinator, I realize each program we do must be approved by our community coalition and Carroll County School Board. This is according to school board policy and in our federal Drug Free Communities grant.

With that being said, many of you have asked why local speakers or certain programs can’t be introduced to our students. Everything is a possibility if it is an educational and prevention tool for our youth. It simply has to be approved by both the Champions Coalition and the school board.

This is a policy they’ve had in place for many years and especially since our Coalition’s fiscal agent is the Carroll County School Board.

I alone cannot make a sole decision on who or what programs we bring into our schools. That is something everyone must agree and vote on in order to be approved. We have great speakers and programs already state approved that are in place with our schools currently; any new entities must be approved.

That being said, I want to let the community know about an exciting new outlet that we as Champions for a Drug Free Carroll County and our executive committee are working on. Even though we are still in the beginning stages, our treasurer, Kathy McBurney, has brought an idea to the executive committee (Larry Curell, Kimberly Fain, Sheila Chowning and Christel Lewellyn) that I think will be very beneficial to our drug free coalition.

Basically the thought process will be somewhat along the lines of a comment card. It will be an outlet for individuals in the community to give their comments and concerns to members of the coalition and we will use them to work on progressing and succeeding within our coalition. More details to come this month. Stay tuned.

If you or someone you know has an idea, comment, question, concern, absolutely anything they’d like to bring up to our coalition, please join us every fourth Thursday at 11:30 a.m. at the Carroll County Public Library. These are open to the public and all are welcome.

If you’d like a new program or speaker, bring it up at our meeting. We will get more information on it and approve or deny it. If approved, it will go to the school board to be approved or denied. It is a process that every individual or program must go through according to protocol. Please contact me if you have any questions at (502) 525-3571.

Hayley Franklin