State police investigating theft attempts, including in Carroll County

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Kentucky State Police are investigating five known instances of attempted theft from convenience stores and gas stations in a three county area.
Three of the alleged attempts were in Carroll County, while KSP reports one each in Trimble and Owen counties, according to a news release issued Wednesday.
In each occurrence, police say an unknown male either calls the store or enters the store in person requesting information from the clerks about the store’s owners and/or managers.  
Sometime later, an unknown male calls the store posing as either the store owner or a district manager.  
KSP said the caller explains that an employee has been stealing money from the store.  The caller instructs the clerk to place all the cash from the store’s safes and registers in a money bag and give it to a person coming into the store to pick it up or to bring the money to the parking lot and a person will take the money bag.   
At this time, there has been no action or threat of violence made, according to the news release.
KSP released photos and descriptions of two men they believe could be connected with the alleged theft attempts.
The first man (left) is described as in his mid-20s, about 5-foot, 10-inches tall, short brown hair with a brown mustache or goatee and an unknown tattoo on his right arm. The subject was last seen wearing a red Cincinnati Reds baseball hat, a blue T-shirt, blue jean shorts, and red/white shoes.
The second male subject (right) is described about about 30-years-old, about 6-foot tall, short, black/dark brown hair, with a brown goatee and mustache. This subject was last seen wearing a black T-shirt, black and gray camouflage shorts, a silver necklace and black gym shoes.
Witnesses in Carroll County said the pair may have been in a blue minivan, unknown make and model.  Police said witnesses also reported seeing a white female in the vehicle with bright pink hair.
KSP urged people to be aware of the described alleged criminal activity. Anyone encountering these subjects should contact KSP Post 5 in Campbellsburg at (502) 532-6363.
If the situation is deemed safe, KSP officials asked that individuals to attempt to gain good descriptions of the subjects, their vehicle and license plate.