State snow and ice crews ready to combat wintry weather

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Kentucky Transportation Cabinet maintenance crews are well prepared for winter precipitation expected this afternoon into the evening. 

Nearly 2,000 KYTC employees are available for efforts to treat and clear more than 60,000 lane miles of roads.

“The safety of Kentucky’s roadways is the focal point of our maintenance program this time of year,” Transportation Cabinet Secretary Mike Hancock said. “Our snow and ice teams are on the job even before winter weather hits. I’m proud of their professionalism and dedication to service.”

KYTC outfits more than 990 trucks with front-end blades and salt spreading equipment. An additional 375 snow removal contractors are available to assist when needed.

When wintry weather is in the forecast, KYTC crews begin applying brine or calcium chloride solutions to combat ice buildup on roads and aid in snow removal. Currently, KYTC has more than 1 million gallons of brine, 900,000 gallons of calcium chloride solution and nearly 300,000 tons of salt on hand for use by maintenance crews.

Last winter, KYTC used a record 501,000 tons of salt.

“We stockpile enough salt to get through what we anticipate to be a normal winter,” Division of Maintenance Director Nancy Albright said. “If we need additional salt, we’ll either purchase it from our contracted salt vendors or from other vendors when we can’t buy it from our current contract.”   

Albright added, “Our equipment and materials are prepared and our maintenance teams have completed their training – so we’re ready to go.”