Stauffer Drive residents plan to vote for Callis

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By The Staff


We are the citizens of Stauffer Farms in southern Trimble County. We have been pleading with the county for the last year to pave Stauffer Drive, which is a gravel road. The dust is choking us and is straining our air-conditioning units.

Magistrate Kirby Melvin disregards our calls and ignores our complaints. We have been attending Fiscal Court meetings every month, pleading our case. The only answer we get is, “You knew it was gravel when you moved there.”

All of the roads in Trimble County were gravel at one time. We have been reading through minutes of Fiscal Court meetings from the past 10 years and have found that, because there were no subdivision regulations at the time Stauffer Farms was developed, Land Realty [the developer] is exempt from paving this road.

We also discovered that Stauffer Drive was annexed by the county in 2003, seven years ago. At the same time, several other roads were adopted:

Taylor Farms, Autumn Court, Moreland Court, Devin Drive, Lykins Lane, Gossom Lane, Meadowlark, Sommerfield Court, Springhill, Garriott Extension, Cedar Hills, Ridge Top, Fisher Farm, Deep Elem, Fiesta, Mosley, and Megan Square.

After traveling the county ourselves, we discovered that only three of these roads have not been paved: Meadowlark, Ridge Top, and, of course, Stauffer.

Most of the roads that are paved are not in our magisterial district.

On Oct. 8, we received 116 feet of asphalt promised by County Judge-Executive Randy Stevens. On the same day, Upper Middle Creek received a complete repaving.

We believe the only reason we received any asphalt is because the election is around the corner, and they thought that this would get our vote. 

We are looking forward to the complete paving of Stauffer Drive in the late fall or early spring of next year, according to Judge Stevens. However, we feel that as citizens of southern Trimble County, we need a leader who will listen to our issues and concerns, rather than forcing us to go to Judge Stevens every time we need something.

We pay our taxes and are not getting the representation that we deserve. For these reasons, we are supporting Kerry Callis in the November election, and we encourage all citizens in District 2 to do the same.

Mr. Callis always returns our calls. We are sure that Mr. Callis will listen to our complaints and work with everyone to address our concerns in the future.

August and Patricia Wheatley

Terry and Judy Ison

Stauffer Farms