STEM bus to make stops for summer reading events

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The Carroll County School District is hosting several summer learning activities throughout the community this summer. The STEM Bus, credit recovery/enrichment and the summer reading program will all be active during the months of June and July.

The Center of Accelerated Learning will be open for three sessions so that students can earn course credits.

The Center of Accelerated Learning is a computer lab at the Area Technology Center where students have access to dozens of complete courses. Students take the courses online at their own pace – reading passages, watching videos and taking quizzes.

The Center will be open for two sessions in June and one in July: June 3-6, June 9-27 and July 7-25. For more information about summer learning opportunities at the Center of Accelerated Learning, contact Jeff Root at (502) 732-1280.

The Carroll County School District’s STEM Bus will be on the road this June and July from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. all weekdays except Mondays.

The bus will visit two locations in the community each day. It will stay at the first location from 10:30 a.m. to noon. It will stay at the second location from 1–2:30 p.m.

The bus will visit Happy Hollow and Oakview on Tuesdays, Ghent Park and the back entrance of General Butler State Park on Wednesdays, the Ninth Street apartments and the Carroll County Park on Thursdays and Green Acres and Carrollton Village on Fridays. 

“The idea of the bus is to give children opportunities to explore and learn near their homes,” said Elementary Instructional Supervisor Pam Williams. “The bus will be a Wi-Fi hotspot, so in addition to the devices that the bus will carry, children may bring their own devices to utilize the bus’s Internet access.”

The STEM Bus will carry iPads, computers and books for students to use for learning activities. Additionally, the Carroll County Public library has donated books that will be available for student use.

“We want parents and caregivers to join in the fun as well,” Williams said. “In addition to books for the children, the Carroll County Public Library is donating magazines for adults to browse while children enjoy the STEM Bus. Also, there will be snacks!”

Two summer outreach coordinators will be joining the STEM Bus at each stop to assist students. One of the coordinators is funded through a grant from Ohio Valley United Charities.

The coordinators will facilitate activities for the students, such as reading plays, working with poetry, playing learning games and performing science experiments. 

The STEM Bus is part of the school district’s summer reading program, “Get Wild About Summer Reading!” The challenge is for students to read for at least 1,000 minutes over the summer months. Along the way, there will be celebrations for students who have met certain reading benchmarks.

A family scavenger hunt will take place June 26 at Camp KYSOC. This event is open to students who log at least 300 minutes of reading by that date.

A pool party will take place at the county pool on July 24. Students must log a total of 700 minutes of reading to attend.

An ice cream party Aug. 15 will kick off the new school year for students who log at least 1,000 minutes of reading over the course of the summer.

The summer outreach coordinators will help students stay on track with their reading as well as give them a perfect opportunity to log time reading.

For more information about the STEM Bus or about the summer reading program, contact Pam Williams at (502) 732-7070.

Carl Roberts is director of public relations for Carroll County Public Schools.