Stevens is no friend of Trimble Co. Park

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By The Staff


In response to the recent letter and campaign ad for Judge-Executive Randy Stevens, I don’t know what planet he is living on to consider himself a friend of the park.

It is my understanding that it was Mr. Stevens who decided against the park board’s advice not to destroy the old tennis court prior to building a new one, thus leaving the park without a tennis court for a year.

Also in his letter to announce his re-election bid, he wrote about the essential role he has played in getting a new Milton-Madison Bridge. I believe that Gov. Beshear and Gov. Daniels have been working with the federal government to get this accomplished.

If Mr. Stevens is so powerful and influential, where is the new bridge?

A few months ago, I received a magazine from Shelby Rural Electric. In it I read that Mr. Stevens had been appointed to the board. It is my understanding that this is a paid position. Those of us in the county who are customers of Shelby Rural Electric have already received one rate hike and have been notified that another one is coming.

In his paid position on their board, what has he done to stop this and thus help the many residents of Trimble County?

I think it is time to evaluate what Mr. Stevens has actually done for the citizens of Trimble County and not for the benefit of Mr. Stevens.

Judy Vilinskis

Bedford, Ky.


(Editor’s note: According to Debbie Martin, executive director of Shelby Energy Cooperative, each member of the Board of Directors does receive a monthly fee and stipend totaling $12,164 annually to attend meetings. This policy has been in place since 1982. She believes that amount has not changed in many years. Additionally, Martin said recent rate hikes have been implemented by the coop’s power supplier, East Kentucky Power, and mandated by the Kentucky Public Services Commission. The Board of Directors has had no bearing on those rate increases, she said, adding that the coop, itself, has not raised rates for its own benefit since 1983.)