Students had good experience on trip

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I was fortunate to be a chaperone on the Carroll County Middle School’s recent trip to Washington D.C. What a great experience – excluding the bus breakdowns – to visit the different sites we had the opportunity to see. Seeing the Capitol Building, the White House and the monuments, etc., is something that will never be forgotten.

What fantastic leadership was shown by teachers Kristen Hooper and Jessie McClure and several others under some adverse conditions at times. Bus breakdowns (plural as in several times). The most rewarding memory for me happened as we were getting ready to board the bus leaving the World War II memorial.

As we prepared to leave, a bus with several WWII veterans from St. Louis pulled in front of our bus. They were there to present a new flag to be flown over the monument. With the average age of WWII vets being 85 years old, most were confined to wheel chairs. At the request of our tour guide we formed two lines and thanked each of the vets  individually for all they had done for our country as they made their way through to the monument. The smiles and the tears seen by the vets was a thing of beauty and heartwarming to all. The respect and actions shown at that time by the CCMS eighth-grade class were priceless. They made this dad proud to be a parent of an eighth-grade student from CCMS.

Gary Mayo

Carrollton, Ky