Summer reading opens new world to local children

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As the end of school approaches this week, I know everyone is very excited for summer break. There just seems to be a little extra charge in the air on that first day of no school, even for those of us who still have to work every day during the summer. It is ingrained in us after 13 of our early years of counting down to the first day of summer.

It represents a time of freedom and excitement. There are usually vacations and an opportunity to catch up on your favorite soap opera (at least that is what we did in the stone ages). 

But we cannot totally abandon all of the hard work the teachers and students have accomplished over the past school year. I hope that is where the library can provide a big help to our community. 

Summer Reading Program is my favorite time of year.

I have great memories of participating in the first Summer Reading Program at the library. I was always excited to turn in my completed reading log and pick up the next one. I knew that I was going to read the most books ever that summer. And I was excited to do so. At the end of the summer, we all shared what looked to be the world’s largest banana split. 

What I did not realize is I was still learning and building on the foundation that was provided during the school year. Because of the hard work of Jarrett Boyd and Ann Dunn, I came back to school ready to learn and progress into the next year.

Not to be outdone by the Summer Reading Programs of the past, Leslie Sutherland has been working very hard to plan great activities, programs and reading this summer. The program kicks off in June and has activities for all ages throughout the months of June and July. 

Please come to the library the first week of June to sign up for this year’s program, “Dig into Reading.” That way we can all come back fresh in August to continue progressing and learning.


Hillary Arney is director of Carroll County Public Library and resides in Carrollton, Ky.