Support appreciated after tornadoes

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank Carroll County Sheriff’s Department and Jamie Kinman; Carroll County Emergency Services (Ed Webb and Mitchell Perkins); Floyd Bowling; Westside Fire Department; M&M Towing; Red Cross; FEMA; Mason and Mefford Inc.; Repairs Unlimited; Chris Mefford; Roger Mefford; Glenn Elwood; Andy Mefford; Jim Hoard; Tom Adler; Tina, Lenny, Mandy, Jacob, and Kayla, Alice, Darrell and Harrison Marsh; Gary Edwards; Brandy Marsh; Richard Johnson; the McEntyre boys; and all of our friends and family who helped during the tornado aftermath of March 2. We are forever grateful.

Lois Edwards and Danny Marsh

Kings Ridge/Windy Ridge Carroll County