Support helped make pageant a success

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of individuals who helped make the Relay for Life Pageants 2011 a great success. With everyone’s help, “Team Robbins” raised a total of $2,667 to help raise awareness and fight for a cure for Relay for Life.

First, I would like to thank every contestant for entering our pageants. I hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed being a contestant. The judges mentioned what a difficult decision it was to choose the court for each category. I hope that every contestant gained experience and had a fun, enjoyable time at the pageants. I also would like to thank the parents of those participants who were able to let their children enter.

Next, I would like to thank Team Robbins for all of the dedication,  commitment, and hard work that each and every member put forth in order to make the pageants a success. Thanks to captain Debbie Roth, co-captains Joe Roth and Annie Valentine, and members Crystal Franklin, Ben Franklin III, Benjamin Franklin IV, Nancy Robbins, Lisa Robbins, Brandon Davis, Rebecca Chandler, Jill Dees, Amy Stewart, Frances Brooks, Christina Schadler, Austin Harlow and Travis Phillips for all of your hard work.

I would also like to thank those members of the Carroll County Relay for Life Team that made an extra effort to go above and beyond expectations to come out and lend a hand to our team members. Thanks to Beth Toombs for managing the “People’s Choice Table” and being an unofficial photographer, and thanks to Carolyn Jones and Patsy Stewart for being part of the pageant as well.

Thank-yous go to each vendor who came out to support the pageants. Each vendor graciously agreed to donate all of the money raised that day to Team Robbins. They include: Tammy Collins with Pampered Chef, Jennifer Perry Kemper with Thirty-One, Delaine Delehany with Avon, April Harmon with Just Jewelry and Scott Niswonger with Relay committee jewelry.

I would also like to thank Relay for Life committee members April Harmon and Scott Niswonger. Without their gracious donations and time that was spent on the pageants, the event wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks to Scott for donations toward our concession stand and April for making copies that were delivered successfully.

I would like to thank our judges for their time and expertise. Our judges for the day were Sharon Hansel, Kaleesa Archer both from Switzerland County, Ind., and Kim Harris and Pamela Chapman of Kenton County.

On a more personal note, I would like to thank my friends and family for their support and time that was put forth with the pageants. Thank you to my parents, Ben and Crystal Franklin, little brother Benjamin and his friend Kaleb Clendenin for helping with decorations, furniture moving, errands and other tasks. Special thanks goes to my boyfriend, Kevin Gault, for his support and energy used on the pageant. Also, thanks to my friends MaKayla Holloway, Denia and Christin Stoops, Danyelle Hornbeck and Tonya Perkins.

Additionally, I want to thank local businesses Cornerstone Floral and Gifts and The News-Democrat for their contributions.

A last thank-you to everyone who came to watch the pageants. Thank you for helping to make it a huge success. I also would like to thank everyone who believed in my idea to put this pageant on in the first place; it started as an idea and blossomed into a reality. My goal was to raise at least $1,000. We went above and beyond my goal, and that makes me truly proud. My first experience as a pageant coordinator will never be forgotten. I will continue this tradition every year, in hopes that the event will become bigger and better.

Hayley Franklin

Relay for Life pageant coordinator