Supporter inspired by cheerleaders’ actions

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By The Staff


Tonight, I had the pleasure of attending the football game at my alma mater. I have lived in Trimble County for nearly 19 years and despite the short drive, I rarely go to a Carroll County football game.

My reason for going to the CCHS football game was to support my 6-year-old niece as she was going to cheer with the high school cheerleaders for a portion of the game. 

Before she ever took the field, I noticed that among the group of girls was a cheerleader in a wheelchair. She was in full uniform and her Panther pride was evident from the moment she took her spot on the field. I was so touched by her spirit and the camaraderie of her teammates that I could barely concentrate on any other of the happenings around me. I do not know who any of the cheerleaders were, but they are a fine group of young ladies. I am proud to know that they are fellow Panthers and to the young lady in the wheelchair ... you were rocking it girl. Keep it up.

Jennifer Liter