Thanks to all who helped with poker run

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Carroll County is a great place to call home. We are a small knit community that pulls together time after time to help others in need. On Aug. 2, I was overwhelmed at the generosity of many people from this small town. Thanks to some very special people, the funeral expenses for my fiancé have been paid in full.

I would like to thank all of our family and friends that came out to support the Leonda Smith Memorial Poker Run. I greatly appreciate Aaron Lacefield, owner of McCool’s Landing for hosting the event and providing food. Some very special ladies helped with planning, food preparation, collecting donations and so much more. They are  Linda Taulbee, Kathy Meadows, Tina Stout and Carolyn Polley. Without the hard work of these ladies, the run would not have been as successful. Thanks to all the bikers and car riders, KBA Chapter 11 and the  many establishments that opened the doors as we made our ride. Last but not least I’d like to thank Brenda Kinman and Rodney Fox for their generous donation that made the final payment toward the funeral expenses. My heart is overwhelmed by the generosity of all those who helped.


J.K. Keel