Tips to help prevent fires in homes

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 • Clean dryer vents and traps periodically to prevent build up of dryer lint, and replace hoses every few years.

• Clean cooking hoods at least yearly (more often if you are an avid cook) to prevent a buildup of grease in the traps.

• Give your appliances room to breath (such as the refrigerator). Pull them away from the wall to prevent the electrical cord from becoming pinched and give the compressor fresh air to cool.

• Have your furnace and air conditioner serviced yearly to ensure it is in working order.

• Have your fire place inspected and cleaned yearly to prevent creosote buildup.

• Change your batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detector twice a year when the time changes, even if they are hard wired into your home’s electrical system.

• Completely replace your smoke detector every 10 years and your carbon monoxide detector every seven years.

• If you paint your window sills, check to ensure they will open and are operational after the paint dries.

• Keep your gasoline, oils, lawnmowers and grills stored in an outside building if possible.

• Keep bushes and trees planted close to doors and windows trimmed to allow a clear path should you need to escape through a window or door.

• Keep your grass cut at an acceptable height to prevent dangerous vegetation fires during the dry season (The tall grass also makes it difficult for emergency responders to notice items sitting or laying in the grass and might cause injuries or delay firefighting operations).

• Ensure your home is marked with your address with a minimum of three inch letters / numbers (If your home sits back off the road mark your mailbox or a yard stake with reflective markings).


If you would like any more information feel free to call the Carrollton Fire Department (502) 732-7041 or you can email Chief Mike Terrell at mterrell@carrolltonky.net. or Deputy Chief Greg Beck at gbeck@carrolltonky.net.