Training principles guide a successful training program for better health

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Highly effective training programs aren’t that much different from highly effective people. They both follow a similar set of standards that result in their being highly successful for users. Let’s look at seven principles of highly effective training programs, and principles that can benefit your training.

Balanced.An ideal training program involves a nice mix of compound movements (squats, deadlifts, bench press) and isolation movements (flys, raises, extensions), at about a 50 percent clip for each.

Efficient. Don’t waste time. Get in the gym, nod to your friends and start killing the weights, then do your cardio. Don’t take 30 minutes between sets talking, texting or taking phone calls. Get your workout in and then retire to eat.

Efficiency + hard work = results in the gym.

Organized. Don’t bounce around the room in the gym looking for whatever machine is available. Train with a plan – to attack the muscle groups in an organized approach and manner. Your results will show you understand what muscles belong first, using what movements.

Tough. No effective workout is going to be easy. No highly successful person is going to get that way being soft. You enter the gym, you work your tail off and be as tough on you as you can be, and you get out of there. The results you wear will be a direct reflection of the work you put in.

Based in science. You move a weight and you cause numerous micro tears to the muscle fibers (you want that). You eat protein-rich foods so your blood contains the amino acids that serve as the building blocks and repair to these torn fibers. It all takes place while you are at rest/sleep. This tells us why training, nutrition and sleep are so essential.

Tried and true. We are not going to reinvent the wheel in the gym. We are going to follow protocols used by those that we may want our bodies to look like or function like. Innovation isn’t that real in the gym – you’re using the same machines, plates and dumbbells that have been used for generations. However, you can innovate and develop the workout that is most effective in building results for you.

Consistent. Nobody achieves success in the business world by showing up to work twice a week. In the same vein, you will not develop a quality body by training twice a week. Dedicate to the gym the same five days you would be taking care of business in the corporate world and you will notice your body improving as fast as your career. Keep or start training my friends!


Tip to grow on: To add quality muscle, you must take in a minimum of one gram of protein per pound of body weight per day.


Beau Arney is the owner of Mass Appeal Personal Performance Training, a personal training/fitness program design business in Carrollton. Questions or to request for training or program design, contact Beau at (502) 645-9560 or via Facebook at Mappt Beau Arney.