Trimble considers Sunday wine sales

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The Sunday sale of wine is a step closer to reality in Trimble County.

Trimble County Fiscal Court on Monday approved the first reading of an ordinance allowing the sale of wine at the Little Kentucky River Winery south of Bedford.

Hours for Sunday sales would be from 1 p.m. until 10 p.m. if fiscal court adopts the ordinance following a second reading during its next meeting on Nov. 21.

“The East Bedford precinct will be the only place where they can sell wine because that’s where the local option election was held,” County Attorney Perry Arnold told the magistrates.

“It’s a very wonderful place operated by what seems to be very responsible people,” Judge-Executive Randy Stevens said of the winery. “Everything they have done with that property is first rate. If we deny them the ability of another day of sales we’re basically telling them we hope they fail and we’re denying them the right to succeed.”

Magistrate Nolan Hamilton, Jr., was the lone dissenting vote against the ordinance. “I think it’s taking the county in the wrong direction” to allow Sunday sales of wine, Hamilton said. “I don’t think it ought to be served at all in the county, but since they can sell it I think there are other days to serve wine besides on the Lord’s day.”

Stevens said wineries are promoted statewide by the Deptartment of Agriculture as part of the tourism industry.

“I definitely think it’ll bring some tourism in here,” Magistrate Kirby Melvin said.

“This doesn’t encourage things of unlawful activity,” Stevens said. “It encourages recreational enjoyment of legal substances. I think it’s appropriate to move forward.”