Trimble sheriff, KSP arrest Ind. fugitive

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Posas charged with felony child molestation

By Phyllis McLaughlin

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Trimble County Sheriff Tim Coons and troopers from Kentucky State Police Post 5 on Wednesday, June 16, arrested a Lawrenceburg, Ind., man wanted on four felony charges of child molestation.

In an interview Friday, Coons said he was called at home Wednesday afternoon by detectives from the Lawrenceburg Police Department who suspected Carlos A. Posas, 37, had fled to Trimble County, where he has family. Detectives feared Posas was planning to escape to his native Honduras.

Coons said he had taken the day off and was mowing his lawn when he got the call. With several of his deputies in Frankfort for training, Coons went on duty and went to his office, where he was able to gather enough information to pinpoint where Posas was believed to be staying – in a singlewide trailer on Sunnyside Drive outside of Bedford. With the arrest warrant from Indiana in hand, and with backup from KSP, including K9 officer Ryan Gosser, Lt. Chad White and Troopers Jim Mitchell and Rick Ellis, Coons entered the trailer and searched the interior. He found Posas crouching in a shower stall in the bathroom at the rear of the residence and, at gunpoint, placed Posas under arrest.

Posas was transported to the Carroll County Regional Detention Center. An extradition hearing to return him to Indiana authorities was held yesterday, Tuesday, June 22, at the Trimble County Courthouse.

According to Lawrenceburg Police, Posas had escaped officers who intended to question him Sunday, June 13, exiting through the back door of the trailer he shared with his girlfriend.

Posas is accused of molesting his girlfriends’ 9- and 4-year-old daughters; the woman’s 6-year-old son, apparently, was not subjected to abuse.

The LPD stated that the oldest daughter had told a family member that Posas had touched her “inappropriately.”

Posas allegedly had sexual intercourse with the oldest daughter, and also allegedly performed a sexual act in the presence of the 4-year-old, Coons said.

LPD Sgt. Detective David Schneider said, if convicted on all four felony charges, Posas could face a maximum of 116 years in prison.

“This arrest may very well not have been possible without the quick action of the Trimble County sheriff and the assistance given him by the Kentucky State Police,” Schneider said in a news release last week. “This is a textbook description of police agencies across state lines working together for the greater good of their communities.”

An extradition hearing for transferring Posas back into Indiana was scheduled for Tuesday, June 22. However, a Shelby County judge had Posas transferred from Carroll County Detention Center to the Shelby County, where he was arrested on bench warrant for failure to appear in court back in July 2008. According to a Shelby District Court clerk, Posas was to go before Judge Linda Armstrong Tuesday afternoon. Posas had been charged with traffic citations there in 2008, including expired plates, expired registration, no insurance.