The votes are in

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By Lorrie Kinkade

Over 53-percent of Trimble County's registered voters went to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 4 to cast their ballots for U.S. President, members of Congress and local school board and city commission candidates.

The McCain/Palin ticket proved a winner locally, with 2,239 votes in comparison to 1,484 for Obama/Biden.

Incumbents in all three school board races will continue in their positions next January. J.W. Sachleben was unopposed in District 4, Kimberly Temple received over 400 votes more than her closest competitor in District 1 and Scott Burrows, in District 5, received 439 votes compared to his competitor's 160.

In the city of Milton, the commission seats will remain unchanged, though write-in incumbent Gerald Owen squeaked by with just 7 more votes than Cecil Robak, also a write-in candidate.

The Bedford Commission will, however, see changes in the coming year as Todd Pollock, who received more votes than any other candidate, will replace incumbent James Helm on the board.

Trimble County Election Results


McCain/Palin 2,239

Obama/Biden 1,484

Nadar/Gonzalez 44

Barr/Root 26

Baldwin/Thornsberry 19

U.S. Senator

Bruce Lunsford 1,927

Mitch McConnell 1,861

U.S. Representative

Geoff Davis 2,053

Kelley 1,639

State Representative

Rick Rand 3,091

Board of Education Dist. 1

Kimberly Temple 593

Tracy Creech 152

Bob Scott 147

Board of Education Dist. 4

J.W. Sachleben 527

Board of Education Dist. 5

Scott Burrows 439

James Mitchell 160

City Commissioner - Bedford

Todd Pollock 118

Darrell Harmon 113

Harold Greene 113

Glenford Alexander 111

Frank Floyd 106

Brenda Terry 77

James Helm 41

City Commissioner - Milton

Steve Brierly 136

Denny Jackson 133

Jerry Harmon 123

Gerald Owen 26

Cecil Robak 19