Warning sirens show community is prepared

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The recent succession of tornadoes that have torn a wide swath through many parts of Oklahoma underscores the need for community readiness and vigilance. Though tornadoes are not as common in Kentucky as they are in the plains states, they are not unheard of and indeed last year’s severe weather, though not very destructive, brings the issue close to home.

The recent installation of the 20th emergency weather warning siren in Carroll County emphasizes the strong sense of dedication and responsibility that our leaders feel about protecting the citizens of our community from severe, potentially life-threatening weather conditions.

Though we are grateful to the local industries that have made the most recent siren a reality, the bulk of the other sirens have been provided through federal grants. Anyone who has ever written a grant can attest to it being a difficult, time-consuming, and nitpicky document that, if every “I” is not dotted and every “T” not crossed, can result in rejection. Carroll County Emergency Management Director Ed Webb has done a tremendous job in navigating through these murky waters and securing Carroll County the funds to build the enviable weather siren system that we have today.

The monthly testing and periodic maintenance that goes into the network of sirens, the first Wednesday of every month, protects the community’s investment and ensures that they will provide early warning when severe weather strikes. J&N Electronics, the company responsible for the installation and on-going maintenance of the siren equipment, should also be commended for ensuring the functionality and reliability of siren network. It is through the combined efforts of both public and private entities to fulfill the needs of the people of a community and Carrollton is showing itself as a worthy example to other communities about what can be done when people come together for a common cause.

Ben Collett


Editor’s note: The writer is also an employee of J&N Electronics.