Where is aid for people who lost food to storm?

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By The Staff


Why is it, when the electric was out long enough to ruin food in everyone’s refrigerator, that only welfare recipients get their food replaced?

What about the families who live week to week that have children to feed? What about the senior citizens who buy their groceries once a month? The food is spoiled, and now they have no way to replace it until next month.

I know of one welfare mother that gets $800 a month in food stamps, yes I said $800 a month, and is getting another $800 to replace the food she lost.

Why aren’t they doing something about the people on disability, and people on fixed incomes?

Why aren’t the working moms and dads getting some help? It’s not always about the people on welfare that need help. There are a lot of people right now who need help, and they are right here in Carroll County.

Do we just tell these people “Oh well, you will just have to wait until your check comes in.” People who don’t receive food stamps are going to go hungry.

Is this the American way?

Terry McKeown

Turners Station, Ky.