Worker killed in LG&E fall used false identity to obtain job

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By Lorrie Kinkade

When a construction worker fell to his death Sept. 18 at Trimble County’s Louisville Gas & Electric generating station, it was mere hours before a spokesman for his employer, Becon Construction, released his identity.

Nearly two weeks later, that same spokesman is releasing new information – not about the cause of the accident, but about the man’s true identity.

As the company’s investigation into the fatal fall at Wises Landing continues, Francis Canavan, media and public affairs manager for Bechtel Corp., the parent company of Becon Construction, said Monday that the man hired as Isidoro Escamilla was actually Juan Hervert Chable.

“Federal law requires that all new employees provide documentation of their identity and legal ability to work in the United States,” Canavan said. “At the time he was hired, Chable presented a Texas driver’s license and a social security card in the name of Isidoro Escamilla.”

Chable’s true identity was uncovered when his family traveled from North Carolina to Kentucky to claim the body for burial. At that time, state and local authorities were informed of the dead man’s actions.

“I don’t know the exact conversation that took place at that time, but that was when the man’s actual name was discovered,” he said.

Canavan said periodic audits of employee documents, including the I-9, which is required by federal law to verify a person’s legal right to work in the U.S., are conducted at all of the corporation’s job sites. However, if a social security card and driver’s license is provided matching the information supplied on the form, the fraud can be hard to detect.

He said company officials do not know why Chable used a false identity to obtain employment or whether he was a legal resident of Texas as he claimed while using the Escamilla name.

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet OSHA compliance department continues to investigate the accident. Autopsy results on Chable have not been finalized.