This year’s Senior Event was truly a ‘Picnic in the Park’

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We had another successful Senior Event Thursday night beginning with a welcome by Mayor Gene McMurry and posting of the colors by the Carroll County High School Honor Guard. We knew everyone was enjoying themselves from the big smiles and laughter throughout the evening.

The picnic food was very good – including the watermelon served at the watermelon stand. It was just right for a picnic.

The weather cooperated turning out nice and warm with a beautiful sunset over the river and a beautiful backdrop for the photos being taken and given to the seniors as a souvenir of the event.  Everyone enjoyed the wonderful music by David Stahl and Freddy Helm.

The “Best Dressed Lady” contest was won by June Darnold of Carrollton and “Best Dressed Gentleman” won by William Mason of Henry County. Mason, who is 95 years old, also won the Oldest Senior present contest. Delmar Stockdale won the grand prize, a wooden swing.  

Another Carroll County Senior Event evening has come and gone, but will be remembered for a long time.

National Fall Prevention Day

Stand Up to Falling on National Fall Prevention Day, Sept. 22. Why stand up to falling?   

One in three Americans age 65 and older fall each year.

Of those who fall, 20 to 30 percent suffer moderate to severe injuries that make it hard for them to get around or live independently and increases their chances of early death.

About 1.9 million older adults are treated in hospital emergency departments for fall-related injuries, and almost 500,000 (about 26 percent) are subsequently hospitalized.

One-third of nursing home admissions are due to falls.

The total cost of fall-related injuries for adults aged 65 and older is $80.9 billion, including more than $19 billion in direct medical costs.

To help prevent a fall: 

• Begin a regular exercise program.

• Have a physician or pharmacist review your medications.

• Have your vision checked.

• Have your home assessed for hazards that could result in a fall.

For more information regarding fall prevention and fall prevention training, contact me. 

Low fat dairy and lower stroke risk

In the largest study on the issue to date, adults who consumed higher amounts of low-fat dairy products have a lower long-term risk of stroke.

A Swedish study reported in 2012 by S. Larsson, “Dairy Consumption and Risk of Stroke in Swedish Women and Men” and A. Mozes, “Low-Fat Dairy Linked to Lower Stroke Risk” tracked almost 75,000 participants for an average of 10 years.

Participants who consumed low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese reduced their risk of stroke by 12 percent compared to those who consumed whole milk versions.

High fat dairy products are commonly associated with saturated fat that affects cholesterol levels.

Eating a diet high in saturated fat leads to plaque buildup in the arteries of the heart and brain. Clots are likely to develop, break off and cause an ischemic stroke.

MyPlate.gov recommends healthy adults consume three cups of dairy a day and switch to a low-fat or fat-free source. This provides enough calcium and potassium without the detriments of whole fat products.


Grace Angotti is Carroll Co. Extension agent for family and consumer sciences. Call her at (502) 732-7030 or send e-mail to gangotti@uky.edu.