You’re probably from Carroll County if ...

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One of the latest trends to sweep Facebook is groups dedicated to individual cities and counties, showing what makes them unique. They provide a great opportunity to share a funny story or reminisce  about days gone by.
The News-Democrat created Carroll County’s group on Aug. 4, and as of press time Tuesday, it had 240 members. The following is a sampling of responses by group members.
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If any remember that school did not start until the middle of September because families were needed to get the tobacco out of the fields into the barns!

Ann Cline Deatherage


If everyone in Carroll County knows you because they went to school with your parents.

Haleigh Bennett


People ask you where you ate at growing up and you tell them Burger Queen (Druther’s) and Tastee Freeze.

Britt Banta


If you got injured on a ski slope at General Butler.

Deborah Garrett


You played in the band for the “grand” opening of the McDonald’s.

Cassia Turner Wigginton


If you remember the dirt race track that was on Blue Lick Road.

Kerry Mckinney


If you describe Carrollton as being at the confluence of the Kentucky and Ohio rivers, and invariably the hearer says, “What’s that?”

Chuck Ransdell


If you remember Worthville, Ghent, Locust, Sanders and English Schools (county kids) and Carrollton Schools (city kids).

Patricia Smith


I remember going with my Mamaw down to sit on the post office steps and watch the Greyhound buses come in at the station across the street where the Gypsy Grill was and I remember my Mamaw would tell stories about the people who came and went. We would laugh. What a joyous memory of Carrollton and my Mamaw...

Pamela Griffith Miles

So many memories...the first class in the open concept classroom at CCMS, followed by bell-less modular scheduling at CCHS; The open burning of leaves in the fall along the streets in Carrollton; All the small mom and pop stores in the residential part of town; Hill’s Dairy milk delivery boxes; Youth sports...football-the Kawneer BlueCats, Kunselmen’s Green Hornets, Tuttle’s Yellow Jackets, Red Raiders; golf-riding to Wheatley Golf Course with Mr. Bob Franklin, who had the patience of Job; baseball-playing for Coca-Cola for Mr. Bud Westrick; middle school basketball- playing for Mr. Jim Willhoite. Great memories!!!

Lee Kendall


If you remember the Richland and Royal Theaters, Fothergill book store, Stampers and Driskell drug stores, the Poppy Shop, Matthew’s portrait studio, Perry the Jeweler, Hills shoe store, the Western Auto store, Young’s meat market, Scotts dry goods, Towne Shop, Kroger downtown, Passtime Pool hall, the Library on main street, Bunnings men store. Lerman Bros., It used to be great to go to Carrollton on Saturday, so many people shopping and visiting friends.

Patricia Smith


You heard Rocky Top over and over at the Tobacco Festival.

Hallie Jones


You remember Chat & Drink, Pit Stop, Crocketts, Choo Choo Inn, Past Time Pool Hall, Scottys, Burger shop.

Michael Louden


Swimming at the lake in Butler Park then walking over to ride the train.

Brandy Douglas


You remember riding the ferry in Ghent to Vevay.

Christy Rowlett


If the highlight of your week was going to the movie theatre out in the shopping center where IGA used to be.

Jahara Brown


If you remember Miss Waylon’s store in Worthville!!

Billy Lucas


If you remember shopping at Ben Franklins where Trader Bakers is now.

Terri Ann Harell Wright


Buying candy at Supplee’s strore across from school on 5th Street.

Sheila Hill


If you remember Virgils store in Prestonsville. I was just a girl but would go buy ice cream or folks sent me to get lunchmeat he sliced there. Him and his wife owned and operated it.

Cathy Carter


Does anyone remember the skating rink in Prestonville? It was just a tent, but us Carroll Countians loved it.

Vickie Winslow


Remember how busy the winter months were around town, when the Tobacco Market opened. Pretty much everyone knew what it was like to work in tobacco.

Deidra Stangle


Ice-cold frosty mug of root beer at the A&W Root beer stand in P-ville. Drinking water from the “Blue-lick” well over the hill on 6th St. on a “double-dog” dare. Sleigh riding down the back hill at Butler because they closed the park in the winter (before the lodge was built.) Chocolate chip ice cream from the Dairy Bar. The Goose at Glauber’s Shoes. 4th of July fireworks at Riverview Drive In Theater. Buying your special girl (or female teacher) Blue Waltz or Evening in Paris from Ben Franklin’s next to the Richland Theater. “Toyland” upstairs at the Fair Store on Fifth Street. Getting a new bicycle from the Western Auto on Court Street or Brim’s on Main Street.

Samuel Reese Burgess


Taking walks with my mom and my aunts after dark down the Old Back Road and on the river bank in P-ville also playing hide and seek in cars with them .. We use to have a ball

Barbie Brent


I remember after we moved from Carrollton and I finally got my license, I would call and order Della Rosa and then drive about 20 miles to pick it up ... Thank goodness we didn’t move to far away

Brandy Douglas


Mrs. Schirmer, Mrs. Framme and Mrs. Akers and piano lessons

Mollie Cline Lanham


You had Della Rosas pizza!!!! Mmmm still remember how good it tasted

Cathy Carter


If your highlight of the 90s was when Richie Farmer was the grand marshal in the parade

Dave Arvin


If you love Waffle House.

Jeffery Lightofdawn Brent


If you KNOW that Coopers has the best fried chicken EVER! That’s my fav.

Deanna Lynn


If you remember that coopers used to be a bakery of great tasting doughnuts.

Nora Banta


When you wanted to meet up with friends, you drove by their house and hollered where you wanted to meet..’Taco Bell!’ That was when there was no phones. They came if they wanted to.

Heaven Getonmylevel Craig


Happy Days arcade.

James Breeden


If you lived 10 minutes from school but because of all the back roads it took an hour and half to get there.

Beneda Johnson