• Taking Aim

    4-H Shooting Sports wraps up its year with a fun shoot, Aug. 5. Twenty Carroll County Top Shots members will be competing at the state meet September 12-13 in Wilmore and Berea, Ky.

  • New credit card changes will better protect consumers

    Almost half of all credit card fraud in the world occurs in the United States. Consumers have recently become more aware of this problem as a number of large retailers have reported data breaches. Fortunately, credit card companies have taken action.

  • Late summer/early fall best time for cool grasses

    The period from late summer into early fall in Kentucky is the best time to establish the common cool-season grasses such as orchardgrass, tall fescue, timothy and bluegrass for pasture or hay. These four grasses make up 95 percent of pasture acreage.

    Many years of research have shown this time frame is the best opportunity for successful establishment. Mother Nature has a hand in this because seed produced in late spring remains dormant until late summer and then early fall rainfall provides the moisture necessary for the seed to germinate.

  • A variety of activities are available this year for 4-Hers

    It’s time to get signed up for the many projects that the 4-H program has to offer. Please look over the schedule, and if your child wants to be a part of these programs, call (502) 732-7030 and put your child’s name and age on the list. The purpose of signing up beforehand is so we will have enough materials for the child. 

    Many of these projects will be entered into the county fair where ribbons and money can be earned. If you have not picked up your projects from this year’s fair, please stop by the office and pick up your check and your item.

  • Stinging insect management

    A number of different stinging insects are active during summer and their colonies are approaching peak numbers for the season.

    In many cases, control attempts are dangerous.  If nests are located in or near high-traffic areas, hire a professional who has the proper products and protective equipment for the task.

    Do-it-yourselfers should wait until after the nest has been abandoned in fall to remove it and make adjustments so the site is not used the following year.

  • Measuring fruit and vegetable intake

    From August 1 to Aug. 31, 2015, Kentucky Plate it Up Kentucky Proud is having their annual challenge.

    Plate it up Kentucky Proud’s objective is to increase consumer purchase, preparation, and preservation of Kentucky grown and value-added commodities through marketing and educational collaborations.

    Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, you can Plate It Up Kentucky Proud using recipes that put a new twist and a new taste on your favorite Kentucky Proud foods.

  • Carroll County 4-H shooting sports hosted Shoot-a-Thon
  • Christmas in July
  • How to select sunglasses

    Wearing sunglasses in the middle of summer may seem like a no-brainer, but not all sunglasses provide protection from ultraviolet rays, and not all adults wear them like they should. According to The Vision Council, 65 percent of American adults view a pair of sunglasses as a fashion accessory rather than a health necessity. One in four adults rarely or never wear sunglasses when going outside, with millennials, adults born between 1981 and 1996, being the least likely to wear sunglasses always or often.

  • Carroll County 4-H sends 58 to summer camp

    Kentucky 4-H Summer Camps offer an array of activities for youth. They can catch everything from fish to butterflies; identify trees and critters during nature hikes; learn to swim; use a canoe; take part in shooting sports; make arts and crafts; and participate in challenge courses. Youth also have the chance to sing and dance, make new friends and have fun.