• Clinic focused on showing, caring for livestock

    4-H encompasses seven curriculum areas that include animal sciences, communications, family consumer sciences, health, leadership, natural resources, and SET – science, engineering and technology.

  • Choose reusable grocery bags over paper, plastic

    You are standing in the check-out line at your hometown grocery store and the clerk asks, “Paper or plastic?” You respond by saying, “Neither,” because you have reusable grocery bags.

    Reusable shopping bags definitely are a step in the right direction, but they require some care and attention. If not properly cared for, reusable bags can possibly nurture and spread bacteria.

  • Mulching, composting are cost-effective options

    Autumn is a beautiful time in Kentucky.  As you drive around Carroll County, take notice of the changing colors of the trees that are beginning to show.

    Our gardens and lawns can also be very attractive during this time, but they can also be messy, with piles of leaves from our trees and spent shoots from our flower beds. 

    The way we address this yard waste can have a significant impact on our gardens and the environment.

  • Hummingbirds will soon begin migration to warmer climates

    Hummingbirds are a great joy to see during the summer months of the year. These small birds have very interesting characteristics including their tiny size, brilliant color, dazzling acrobatics, swift flight, and unique personality.

  • Setting a good example leads children to a better diet

    As parents, we have a great responsibility to make sure our children are healthy; so as adults, we need to be a healthy role model for our children.

    In reading, I have found the 10 tips for setting good examples for our children through the Nutrition Education Series. You are the most important influence on your child. You can do many things to help your children develop healthy eating habits for life.

  • Walk to School Day promotes exercise, healthy living

    How many of your children walked to school today? How many of you walked to school with your son or daughter? Organ-ized by the Partner-ship for a Walkable America, Walk to School Day in the United States began in 1997 as a one-day event aimed at building awareness for the need for walkable communities.

    In 2000, the event became international when the United Kingdom and Canada (both of which had already been promoting walking to school) and the United States joined together for the first International Walk to School Day.

  • Use care with pumpkins to prevent damage to the fruit

    Happy fall! The Autumanl Equinox—the moment when the sun appears to cross the celestial equator—occurred this past Saturday, Sept. 22.

    The change in the seasons is the beginning of many things to come:  crop harvest, cooler temperatures, layers of clothing, shorter days, rich fall colors, and frost.

  • Better health through eating, mind, activity series set

    Would you like to lose that extra weight, learn to eat healthier and develop better health habits? This is your chance.

     I will be teaching this special program to all interested adults 4:30-6 p.m., Wedne-sdays starting Oct. 10-Nov. 28 at the Carroll County Exten-sion office to help you take control of your personal health eating, mind and activity habits. Teaching with me is Becky Wilson, RN, with Three Rivers District Health Department.

    This is an interactive program where participants set personal goals to improve their health.

  • Shooting sports team earns awards

    What a wonderful event that our 4-H Shooting Sports team participated in this weekend.

    The green t-shirt read “Get up there and shoot good” was a famous quote from Tom Dapron, certified coach for Carroll County 4-H Shooting Sports, that the members had printed on their shirts.

    Saturday was a great day for four 4-H shooting sports members who traveled to Wilmore, Ky., to compete in the State 4-H Shooting Contest where there were 1,400 4-H members from across the state participating in the event.

    The four Hs

  • Conditions may be favorable for fall infestation of pests

    Despite the mild winter experienced through much of the nation, insect pest populations have been mostly below average in Ken-tucky.  However, as the summer season continued, weather patterns made it favorable for insects to begin migration, especially in southern states.

    There have been reports of increasing numbers in the corn earworm, fall armyworm and yellow-striped armyworm populations in various crops.