Live Your Passion

  • Live Your Passion | Sign Team - Apostolic Pentecostal Church of the Living God

    Imagine you are in a room full of people, and everyone is talking with one another, but you hear nothing but silence. That is the struggle deaf people face every day.

    The National Center for Health Statistics estimates that 28 million Americans (about 10 percent of the population) have some degree of hearing loss. About 2 million of these 28 million people are classified as deaf, meaning they can’t hear every day sounds or speech, even with a hearing aid. Only about 10 percent of these 2 million people were born deaf. The other 90 percent became deaf later in life.

  • Live Your Passion - R for Runner | Vernon States

    A cool, fall morning with few vehicles on the road and Def Leppard pulsing through the headphones. No phone calls to make, no texts to answer and no place to be. These would be perfect conditions for Vernon States to do what he enjoys most–run.

    “I run because of how it makes me feel,” he said, after a cool, fall morning run Oct. 20. “They call it the ‘runners high.’ I just feel so awesome after I get done–relaxed and calm. I don’t know how to describe it.”

  • Live Your Passion | Quilting - Projects Half Done

    If you’re looking for a timeless hobby where you can use your hands, express your creativity and have a useful product afterward, then quilting may be for you.

    Quilters in the Projects Half Done (PhDs) group at the Carroll County Public Library described the activity as relaxing, therapeutic and “a little sanity outlet.”

    “It keeps your mind active. Senior citizens need things that keep your mind cranking,” Aggie Searcy said.

  • Live Your Passion | Patch Collector - Rev. Tim Polley

    Dolphin Island, Ala., North Pole, Alaska.; Tisbury, Mass., and Benton, Ky. These four seemingly unrelated cities have at least one common thread: All four of their police departments have patches in Pastor Tim Polley’s extensive collection.

    When his father began collecting patches while serving as the chief of the Dongola City Police Department, a small town in southern Illinois, he probably had no idea that it would later become an obsession for his son.

  • Live Your Passion | Out of the Darkness organizer - Holly Dawson

    On Aug. 25, 2015, Holly and Clint Dawson experienced something that no parents ever should: their 17-year-old daughter, Maddie, committed suicide.

    Now, more than two years later, Holly has dedicated her life to raising awareness about suicide and mental health through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Out of the Darkness walks.

    Five weeks after Maddie’s death, Holly and Clint participated in the Out of the Darkness walk in Bardstown, Ky. Two weeks later, they joined Madison’s walk.

  • Live Your Passion | Nature Enthusiast - Tanya Supplee

    Carrollton native Tanya Supplee loves spending time outdoors. Lucky for her, she found the perfect job as the parks program service supervisor at General Butler State Resort Park.

    But it wasn’t a straight path to that perfect job.

  • Live Your Passion | M - Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Travis Branum

    Travis Branum has never been one to back away from a fight. Growing up, first in Owen County Schools and then transferring to Carroll County High School as a junior, he used to get in fights at school.

    “Football was the first way I could really get my aggression out safely. It was my first outlet,” he said.

    The son of Angie and Donnie Branum, Branum graduated from CCHS in 2012. He had a chance to play semi-professional football, but turned it down because of the number of concussions he had sustained over his four-year career.

  • Live Your Passion | Lampstand 33 - Marcus Mumphrey

    Lampstand33 is the name of Carroll County native Marcus Mumphrey’s outreach program. It is a multicultural, community and peer-based group that strives to enrich, support and sustain the body, mind and spirit of local youth.

    “Lampstand” appears in the Bible multiple times, and in the first 11 verses of the Book of Revelations lampstand is referred to seven times.

    Lampstand has become Mumphrey’s passion to give back to his community, which is ironic as he once said that he was leaving Carrollton and not coming back.

  • Live Your Passion - Kentucky Basketball Alum | Lukasz Obrzut

    Lukasz Obrzut stands out from a crowd, but it is not just because of his 7-foot-1-inch frame. He is a member of an elite club, one that makes you a celebrity for life in the Commonwealth: University of Kentucky men’s basketball alumnus.

    Obrzut played for the Wildcats from 2003-2007. He played two years of professional basketball in the NBA D-League and the Polish Basketball League before retiring and returning to the United States. Today, he works as a contractor at Dow in Carroll County and resides outside Louisville with his family.

  • Live Your Passion | Jelly and Jam Maker - Jeannine Perkins

    Once a childhood hobby with her parents and grandmother, Jeannine Perkins now sells jelly, jam and her own specialty, “jamelly,” at the RiverView Farmers Market in Carrollton.

    It was her nephew who was in town visiting from Colorado who first encouraged her to sell her homemade creations at the farmers market.