Live Your Passion

  • Live Your Passion - F Fishing |Troy and Brady Bickers

    For Troy and Brady Bickers, fishing is more than just a way to relax. It’s a way for father and son to enjoy each other’s company, to compete side by side and to create lifelong memories.

  • Live Your Passion - E Elvis Artist - Greg Damron

    He’s created close to 100 pieces of artwork and has met an estimated 180-190 Elvis Presley tribute artists. He has been to the Graceland mansion four times and wears two Elvis-related rings every day on his right hand.

    It’s safe to say that Greg Damron is a HUGE Elvis Presley fan.

    “I’m a big Elvis fan, but I don’t think I’m obsessed,” he said. “Now if you talk to someone else, you might get the obsessed. I’m a big, big fan, borderline obsessed.”

  • Live Your Passion - D - Dance | Autumn Adams

    Autie Adams is defying the odds and pursuing her dream of becoming a professional dancer despite the fact that she lives in small town Carrollton.

    While it may be a lofty goal, it is not completely out of reach, despite what she has been told in the past.

    Ever since she was in middle school, Autie has been asked what she wants to do in life. “When you tell them you want to be a professional dancer, they look at you like you have four heads because that’s not something you can do here,” she said.

  • Live Your Passion - C Camping ~ Linda Davis

    Whether you are five minutes or five hours away from home, camping is an opportunity for fellowship with friends in a laid-back atmosphere.

    That’s one of the main things that drew Linda Davis to the hobby. Plus, her 11 grandchildren “absolutely love it.”

    Linda said she and her husband, John, first developed an interest in camping because her parents, Jack and Sally Peace, camped.

  • Live Your Passion | B - Beekeeper - Dave Roberts

    When you come home from work, how do you de-stress? Turn on the TV? Pick up a book? Hit the gym?

    For Dave Roberts, the way he relaxes after a hard day’s work as a Kentucky State Police detective is to head out to the backyard and tend to his honeybees.