• Church News | Oct. 13, 2016

    Revival Oct. 21-23

    Truth Jubilee, a community revival will be held three nights, Oct. 21-23 starting at 7 p.m., 202 Donna Circle in Prestonville, Three Rivers Auction House. All are welcome. For more information call (502) 347-9987.

    First Apostolic hosts anniversary

  • A change for the better

    We all want to improve our lives and make them better, Right? Every person on the planet, should desire to improve and function, to their God given capacity.

    Learning to recognize, when things are not right, and we are frustrated. Frustration can be a gift from God. God desires that we walk in his peace, provision and prosperity. Not only for each individual on the earth, but all people, ethnic groups and nation.

    In order to continue to grow and walk in a closer relationship with God, we have to learn the art and power of repentance.

  • A person should ensure his word is always trustworthy

    Have you ever been spoken to inappropriately?  Mistreated? Lied to? We all have. 

    We want to trust people we encounter every day in their words and actions, but sadly society has changed drastically for the worse. 

    Politics, friendships, business deals along with so many other things… it’s a dog eat dog world.  My way or the highway no matter how it may harm others is the attitude of so many. 

  • Church News | Oct. 6, 2016

    The Trimble County Hymn Sing will be hosted by the Hickory Grove Methodist Church, 363 Morton Ridge Rd. in Bedford, 7 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 6. The public is invited.

  • Making time to have God in our hearts is important

    If there is one thing most of us who are workers and laborers desire from our labors, it is rest. If we could spend the rest of our days without having to earn our keep by the sweat of our brow, we would most likely embrace it wholeheartedly. Our vacations are always too short, and the weekends fly so fast that Monday seems to hit like a brick wall. We love to take our rests, no matter how long they may be. And we should, for God created us to enjoy rest.

  • Church News | Sept. 29, 2016

    The Trimble County Hymn Sing will be hosted by the Hickory Grove Methodist Church, 363 Morton Ridge Rd. in Bedford, 7 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 6. The public is invited.

  • Church News | Sept. 22, 2016

    Wilbanks to performat Bedford church

    Apostolic Pentecostal Church of the Living God, 124 Smith Lane in Bedford is holding a concert by The Wilbanks, 7:30 p.m., Friday, Sept. 23. There is no admission fee. A love offering will be accepted. For more information please call Pastor Bobby Wade (502) 255-7510. All are welcome.

    Fall festival planned at church in English

  • Who is delighting in who? God should be in all hearts

    If we are the children of God, then we should take great joy in our heavenly Father.

    I pray that this is a joy that you have experienced and continue to experience regularly.

    When we enter into a relationship with God, through faith in his Son Jesus, this should cause our hearts to be full. Then, as we walk in relationship with God and get to know him better, this joy should only grow.

    As we learn about and experience his goodness, his provision, his love, and his character, our hearts will rejoice and delight in him.

  • We need God’s wisdom

    If we are going to face and endure the various trials in this life, then we must ask and receive wisdom that can only come from God. When we pray to him asking for his wisdom, he has promised to give it freely, generously, and ungrudgingly, without rebuking, discrediting, or disgracing his children (James 1:5).

  • Praying to recapture the ability to dream big

    Never Be Afraid to Dream Big!

    Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

    When I was a small boy I remember watching our small black and white television in awe as man first landed on the moon. For my generation, landing on the moon was a source of inspiration and empowerment. Yes, we could do anything that we put our minds to. We understood that anything was possible with hard work and dedication to the task at hand.