Kristin Beck/The News-Democrat
Greg Damron of Carrollton is a huge Elvis Presley fan who has drawn nearly 100 pieces of artwork of the music legend. He is pictured holding a mixed media piece he created using colored pencils, paint pens and glitter glue, along with cell phone rhinestones to decorate Elvis’ jacket. Damron is standing in his daughter Haley’s former bedroom, which is now “The Elvis Room,” because it is covered with Elvis artwork that they created and collected over the years.
Live Your Passion - E Elvis Artist - Greg Damron

He’s created close to 100 pieces of artwork and has met an estimated 180-190 Elvis Presley tribute artists. He has been to the Graceland mansion four times and wears two Elvis-related rings every day on his right hand.

It’s safe to say that Greg Damron is a HUGE Elvis Presley fan.

“I’m a big Elvis fan, but I don’t think I’m obsessed,” he said. “Now if you talk to someone else, you might get the obsessed. I’m a big, big fan, borderline obsessed.”