• Safe Night event set for CCMS Sept. 23

    Carroll County Youth Services Center is partnering with the Lighthouse, Carroll County Detention Center and 4-H to bring “Safe Night” to middle school students once again. Safe Night is a party for all CCMS students

    Safe Night is a national effort to address the issue of youth safety one night at a time. A “safe night” party is planned by youth and adults, focusing on violence and drug prevention. The idea is for the youth to come to a party and have a good time.

  • Restaurant targets GED opportunities

    Carroll County’s McDonald’s restaurant is joining with central and southeastern Kentucky locations to encourage GED attainment with an in-store promotion funded by the restaurant owner operators.

  • Middle school students learning ‘Character Counts’

    Carroll County Middle School students commemorated the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks by focusing on the courage of those who sacrificed their own lives to save others.

  • Student of the week: Amelia Napier

    The Cartmell Student of the Month for September is 5th grader Amelia Napier. The selection committe said that Amelia is a good citizen who tries her best every single day, is helpful to her classmates and teachers, and excels academically.

    What is your favorite thing about school? Math, I like doing multiplication problems. I'm pretty good at it.

    Who is your favorite teacher and why? Ms. Louden, because she's always helping with me with stuff I don't know how to do, and she is really nice.

  • Head Start debuts new building

    Carroll County has a new facility to further Head Start’s mission of helping lower income families pull themselves up through the education of their children by removing barriers that might keep them for that goal.

    On Dec. 18, 2009, Gov. Steve Beshear announced that Carroll County would receive a $2.12 million grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for an early infant head start facility. Director Pam McNeal showed off the nearly completed building Thursday night at the board of education meeting.  

  • Car show raises money for scholarships

  • Student of the week: Heaven O’Neal

    Editor’s note: This is the first of a weekly series highlighting students at each of the schools in Carroll County. The schools will choose a student they would like to recognize, and The News-Democrat will publish their answers to a list of questions and their photo. The schools will appear in the following order: Winn Elementary, Cartmell Elementary, Carroll County Middle School, Carroll County High School and Christian Academy during months with five weeks.

    What is your favorite thing about school?

    Math and reading group 

  • Cartmell students learn stone carving

    Stone carver Albert Nelson was first exposed to his current profession as a Cub Scout, carving neckerchief slides, when he was 8 years old.  

    While Albert’s best-known sculpture is probably the 17-ton limestone baseball glove at the Louisville Slugger Museum, he and his wife Penny also are well-known for introducing thousands of Louisville-area school children to stone carving over the past 30 years. 

  • Sixteen join Carroll schools for new year

  • Carroll County Chinese program begins its third year

    Carroll County Chinese Program Begins Third Year Walking down the halls of Cartmell Elementary School or Kathryn Winn Primary School, one might hear two students greet each other with “nihao,” which means “hello” in Chinese.

    The Chinese words for hello (nihao), goodbye (zaijian), and teacher (laoshi) are a few of the words that students learn from their new teacher, Han Yuenan, known to her students as Miss Ulza, her nickname in China.