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  • Senior band members, cheerleaders recognized

    Following their halftime performance at the Oct. 17, football game, the Carroll County High School Band of Gold recognized their five seniors: Robert Chilton, Kathryn Gillespie, Matt O’Neal, Micah Wallace and Katelyn Wright. Senior cheerleaders Alexis Green and Jaci Harp also were recognized following the senior football player introductions. They will be pictured with their parents at senior night for the basketball teams this winter.

  • Learn more about the candidates running for office Nov. 4

    Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the Nov. 4, General Election ballot. Write-in candidates will not appear on the ballot.


    Property Valuation Administrator

    Rob Robertson

    Political Office: Property Valuation Administrator

    Party Affiliation: Democrat

    Age: 48

    How long have you  been a Carroll County resident? My entire life – 48 years

    Profession: Carroll County Property Valuation Administrator (PVA)

  • Walker wants to finish projects

    Prestonville Mayor Billy Walker is seeking election to his first full term in the city’s top job. 

    Under his leadership during the past 18 months, Walker said he has seen growth in Prestonville, but said he “would like to continue to do more.”

  • Moore seeks to bring ‘change’

    Chris Moore is ready for another shot as mayor of Prestonville, saying he believes the people are ready for a change. 

    “I feel I did a good job last time,” Moore said. Based on the requests from some of the voters, he believes they must also feel that way. “A few people have come and asked me to run,” Moore said. 

  • Ghent must change ways to prosper, Browning says

    Ghent mayoral candidate Karen Browning says it is time for a change.

    “Ghent is on the cusp of progressing to a new level,” Browning said.  “We need to solidify our city government.”

    “City government needs to evolve to a more business-like atmosphere,” said Browning. “The general record keeping is not being given its due diligence.”

  • Mumphrey eyes another term to continue work

    William Mumphrey is seeking another term as mayor saying he wants to continue improving the future of the City of Ghent.

    “I am talking about having a good quality of life for the citizens of Ghent,” Mumphrey said. “There has been much accomplished during my eight years but much more to get done. Another four years will finish some of the projects I want going.”

    Mumphrey said it usually comes down to the math. What do the numbers tell us about where the city is and what does the city want to get done.

  • Mefford wanting Ghent projects to be completed

    Ghent city commissioner Lonnie Mefford is running for mayor because he wants Ghent to become a good town again.

    “Years ago this was a good town,” Mefford said. “I want us to get back on track to being a good town again.”

    To accomplish this dream, the city needs to decide what it wants to be, Mefford said. Goals need to be set with an end in mind and put into writing with deadlines attached so there is at least a five-year rolling plan.

  • Locals meet celebrities in scramble
  • Bates, Carroll compete in 3rd District magistrate race

    With the General Election approaching, 3rd District magistrate candidates, incumbent Mark Bates and challenger DJ Carroll, want to remind citizens to cast their votes Nov. 4.

  • Nibbles Welcome, Bites Preferred

    Carrollton/Carroll County Tourism sponsored a youth fishing tournament during the Two Rivers Bass Tournament. The morning rain and overcast skies kept participation for the event to approximately a dozen children.