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  • Immunization requirements change for 2018/2019 school year

    Starting in August, all Carroll County School District students must show proof of having received two doses of Hepatitis A vaccine to attend school.

    Hepatitis A is a two-dose vaccination series. The doses must be separated by at least six months. For this reason, we are asking that you contact your child’s physician or health department as soon as possible to ensure compliance.

  • Hoover resigns as KY House Speaker, holds on to his House seat


    Lexington Herald Leader

    After a week of drama hanging over the Capitol, state Rep. Jeff Hoover formally resigned as Speaker of the Kentucky House Monday.

    “The one thing I believe I am most proud of, is I believe people know that I am honest and I’m a man of my word,” Hoover said before handing a letter to a page that said, “I hereby resign as Speaker of the House to become effective if accepted by the members of this body.”

  • State budget to be ‘brutal;’Constituents ask about state tax reform, pensions


    Landmark News Service

    State Senate President Pro Tem Jimmy Higdon told constituents in a meeting at the Old Courthouse in Bardstown Monday that this year’s legislative session would be intently focused on the budget, pensions and roads.

    But almost immediately, discussion turned to the underlying issue — how to get more revenue.

  • Council adopts property maintenance code

    By a 3-2 vote, Carrollton City Council approved an ordinance replacing Chapter 154 of the housing code with the international property maintenance code “to control unsafe and/or unfit structures and/or nuisances within the City.”

    Councilman Dwight Louden made a motion to adopt the new code, with one typo correction, and Councilman Mike Gordon seconded. Councilman Kevin Craig also voted in favor, while Councilman Jeffrey Dickow and Councilman Hayley Franklin voted against. Councilman Doug Hill was absent.

  • Icy roads cause multiple wrecks, school cancellation

    The conditions were perfect Monday, Jan. 8, for creating black ice and slick road conditions.

    Data from the Carroll County Mesonet weather station showed the air temperature was below freezing from Dec. 24 through late afternoon of Jan. 7. The temperatures had frozen the top four inches of the ground and concrete and blacktop temperatures were also below freezing.

    The warm up Jan. 7, and through the early morning of Jan. 8, was not enough to warm the road and sidewalk surfaces and prevent the formation of ice.

  • Live Your Passion | U - Umpiring Tim and Chris Hendrick

    Just like mothers and daughters, fathers and sons share a special bond and enjoy spending time together. For some, it’s flipping a house or a car. Others enjoy waking up before dawn to go hunting, while others prefer to sit on the couch and watch a game.

    For Tim and Chris Hendrick, one of their passions is baseball, and Tim passed on his love of both umpiring and watching the sport to his son.

  • Family loses everything in house fire Saturday

    No one was injured, but a Carrollton family lost everything they owned in a house fire Saturday morning.

    Homeowner Lois Gray and her family were awakened by their smoke detector early Saturday morning. CFD Chief Mike Terrell said the family saw a fire in the front room near the space heater. They threw buckets of water on it, but the fire climbed up the wall so the family left the home.

  • Forum Jan. 11, to discuss moving the second, fifth grades

    The Carroll County Board of Education is hosting a community forum Jan. 11, to receive input on proposed student population structuring changes. The forum will begin at 5:30 p.m. at the Carroll County Middle School auditorium.

    The school district has been evaluating how it can restructure its grades within each school building to provide adequate space for all-day Head Start instruction without new construction.

  • Bevington to speak at CCCDC meeting

    The Carroll County Community Development Corporation will hold its annual shareholders meeting, Tuesday, Jan. 16, at noon at the General Butler State Resort Park conference center.

    President of the Board of Directors Matt Lipe said John Bevington, commissioner for Business Development of the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, is the guest speaker.

  • Trimble Banner editor Dave Taylor retires

    A familiar face in the community is closing the chapter on his full-time role at The Trimble Banner.

    Dave Taylor, a 1970 graduate from Trimble County High School, is retiring as editor of The Trimble Banner. He has served as the Banner editor since February 2011.

    Taylor, originally from Madison, Ind., called Trimble County home from the seventh grade through his high school years as his father, Henry F. Taylor, was a pastor for Mt. Tabor Wesleyan Church and later the Milton Wesleyan Church.