Local News

  • 2017 Two Rivers Bass Tournament

    Local results

    1. Gary Edwards of Milton and Stacey Edwards of Milton - 18 pounds, 11 ounces

    9. Ryan McIntosh of Patriot, Ind., and Ronnie Brewer of Bedford - 13 pounds, 2 ounces

    10. Jeremy Pence of Worthville and Trey Lenear - 13 pounds, 2 ounces

    14. Philip Wright of Bedford and Nathan Wilhoite of Carrollton - 11 pounds, 6 ounces

    15. Scot A. Peters of Carrollton and Scot W. Peters of Carrollton - 10 pounds, 13 ounces

  • Demo Derby, June 3, at the Carroll County Fair

    Big Car Mini Stock

    First place: Chuck Roby, No. 18

    Second place: Timmy Isaacs, No. 42

    Third place and Mad Dog: Craig Bowling, No. 22

    Others racing: Jimmy Crafton, No. 13; Michael Payton, No. K2M; Thomas Tracy, No. 11; and Stephen Couch, No. 96X

    Circle Track

    (Heat No. 3)

  • Midway thrills at the Carroll County Fair
  • Willhoite on track to have case dismissed in October

    Special District Judge Karen A. Thomas repeated several times how impressed she is with the work Carrollton Police Chief Mike Willhoite has accomplished thus far with the Carroll County Mental Health Collaborative.

    Following a contempt of court hearing regarding his and CPD Officer Ron Dickow’s actions in the Adam Horine case, Thomas ordered Willhoite to create a community collaborative addressing mental health issues in Carroll County. She wanted Willhoite to reach out to all the members of the community and law enforcement and to be a bridge builder.

  • Routine maintenance on voting machines; Dale wants complex out for bid

    Carroll County’s voting machines underwent routine preventative maintenance that is planned every five years to make sure they operate properly.

    At the June 13, Carroll County Fiscal Court meeting, Carroll County Clerk Alice Marsh said Harp Enterprises comes in during a non-election year and literally takes them apart and test all the components. The county has a non-election year every fifth year, she said.

    Marsh presented magistrates two invoices on the machines.

  • Cemetery dissolves old, appoints new board

    The Worthville Cemetery lot owners set in place reorganization of its board of directors at a special meeting Saturday, June 17 that was called by lot owners.

    Lot owners were unhappy about how the board they elected April 29, 2017 was conducting business, according to a letter on the special meeting from newly-elected treasurer and board member Marty Reynolds. Discussion by lot owners led to changes in the bylaws and then the lot owners voting to dissolve the board.

  • Moving on to the 2017 State Fair

    These Carroll County 4-H projects are moving on to the Kentucky State Fair, Aug. 17-27, in Louisville.

  • Turning Pointe Dance recital
  • CCHS Trap Shooting Team

    Carroll County High School trap shooting team invited Superintendent Bill Hogan, Assistant Superintendent Doug Oak and Athletic Director Paul Stone to attend practice June 1, and challenged them to a contest. The student-athletes outscored the administrators, with Kinley Huesman leading all shooters with 23 out of 25. Oak led the administrators with 15 out of 25.


    Trap scores
    (out of 25 shots)