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  • Mental illness is important to discuss to help erase stigma

    Mental illness is an issue many people are affected by every day–whether through their jobs or through friends or family members that they may or may not know are suffering. However, it is an issue spoken about from behind closed doors rather than out in the open where the stigma can be erased.

  • Splash park funds part of city’s budget

    A splash park at Point Park, new sidewalks, city hall maintenance and new equipment for each department highlight the city of Carrollton’s fiscal year 2017-2018 budget. Council held the first reading to approve the new budget, as well as to amend the fiscal year 2016-2017 budget at its meeting April 24. The second readings will be held at the May 8, council meeting.

  • Happy Hollow needs help addressing drug problem

    Mick Dunaway, president of the Happy Hollow Owners Association and Shannon Moore, chairman of the board, appeared before Fiscal Court seeking their help.

    The Happy Hollow association is in need of legal help to curtail the drug issue at the resort.

  • Dale hired as parks and rec director

    Carroll County Fiscal Court announced the hiring of J.P. Dale as the new director of Carroll County Parks and Recreation on April 17.

    Dale is not new to Carroll County Parks and Recreation, having served on the advisory board for more than 10 years. He moved to Carroll County after graduating from college in 1999. “To be honest I was looking to make some money then go back home [to Paintsville, Ky.],” he said. “That did not happen as 18 years later I am still here.”

  • Woman pleads to manslaughter charge

    A Carroll County woman was sentenced to 10 years in prison after she pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter in the death of her infant child.

    Lisa N. Payton, 30, pleaded guilty on one count of second-degree manslaughter, a class C felony, and first-degree wanton endangerment in a plea agreement entered in Carroll County Circuit Court March 16. Judge Leslie Knight sentenced Payton April 21, to 10 years on the manslaughter charge and five years on the wanton endangerment. The sentences will run concurrently for effectively one 10-year term.

  • Jessee led unit of southern sympathizers during Civil War

    When the War Between the States broke out in April 1861, Kentucky, a border state, remained in the Union rather than join neighboring states of the South in secession. But in refusing to secede, Kentucky’s government also refused to join the fight against the South and declared its neutrality. Kentuckians were hopelessly divided.

  • Sprinting for eggs
  • 2017 CCHS Prom Court announced
  • Carroll hospital upgrades its CT machine

    Carroll County Memorial Hospital recently upgraded its computed tomography equipment, more commonly known as a CT machine.

    Diagnostic Imaging Manager Jill Sachleben said the upgrade replaces one that the hospital had in service since 2006.

    The greatest improvement, she explained, is the detail the new machine offers radiologists and doctors with compressed 64 slices or images to make one image. The old unit could only get 16 slices to make an image.

  • Vote daily to bring mobile theater to Carroll

    Students in Carroll County High School young leaders program tossed about ideas for a USA Today’s A Community Thrives grant program application, before zeroing in on one to submit. Now the young leaders need votes to make it a reality.