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  • Motorists should avoid all kinds of distracted driving every day

    The Kentucky Standard

    We’ve all been there. Someone has swerved into your lane, slammed on his or her brakes in front of you, sped up behind you, slowed to a crawl in front of you. And we all complain about how dangerous other drivers are.

    But we’ve also all been on the other side of the equation.

    Sometimes you have to rush to drop the kids off or get to a meeting and you don’t eat breakfast or your lunch break is cut short, so you finish a meal as you drive.

  • Lions Club to celebrate 30th year helping others


    Special to The News-Democrat

    I don’t know how many times I’ve heard someone in Carroll County say, ‘What’s a Lions Club?’ ‘What do they do?” ‘You have one in Carroll County?’

  • McMahan hits walk-off home run to beat Boone

    Senior Evan McMahan hit the game-winning home run over the left field fence as Carroll County earned its fourth-walk off win of the season, defeating Boone County 8-6 April 27.

    McMahan almost hit for the cycle, going 3-4 with a single, double and home run and three RBIs. David Duncan picked up the win in relief.

    McMahan had a rough start on the mound, as the Panthers got behind early. Two lead off singles and a double scored Boone County’s first run, and a sacrifice fly brought in a second run in the top of the first.

  • CCMS project finally closed; Leftover project funds will go toward Head Start expansion

    Carroll County School Board attorney Jim Crawford said the court order removing the district from the Technicrete lawsuit has been issued, and the district could now approve Pay App 27, the final payments to Marrillia Design and Construction and Ross-Tarrant Architects for the Carroll County Middle School project. The motion to pay the final pay app passed.

    The board also approved BG4, the Kentucky Department of Education closeout form to be filed saying the district has paid all the parties involved and they have received all services in the project.

  • Kentucky Afield Outdoors: Coyotes coexist in the urban landscape

    An expansion from its historic range in the interior plains brought the coyote to Kentucky where as recently as the early 1970s sightings of these animals were still considered rare.

    Coyotes are now common across the state but their presence in urban and suburban areas can surprise residents.

  • Ohio River Sweep volunteers needed Saturday, June 17

    The Ohio River Sweep 2017 is scheduled for Saturday, June 17, along the shoreline of the Ohio River and many of its tributaries. Volunteers are needed for this massive event. 

    The Ohio River Sweep is a riverbank cleanup that extends the entire length of the Ohio River and beyond. More than 3,000 miles of shoreline will be combed for trash and debris. This is the largest environmental event of its kind and encompasses six states.

  • College Athletes

    Carroll County High School student-athletes Guillermo Cruz, David Marshall and Evan McMahan have committed to play sports in college. An official signing day celebration was held Friday, April 28, at the high school.

    Guillermo Cruz | Soccer at Berea College

  • Reading on grade level is the key for future success

    Reading at grade level was one common theme among the five site based council presentations made to the Carroll County Board of Education April 11 and 13.

    The district is using a variety of tools to catch students who are falling behind in their reading level to help them build a stronger foundation for learning in all academic areas.

  • Mental illness is important to discuss to help erase stigma

    Mental illness is an issue many people are affected by every day–whether through their jobs or through friends or family members that they may or may not know are suffering. However, it is an issue spoken about from behind closed doors rather than out in the open where the stigma can be erased.

  • Worthville Cemetery sets bylaws, elects trustees

    Worthville Cemetery lot owners approved a new set of bylaws and elected a new board of trustees at a lot owners meeting April 29, at the Worthville Fire Department.

    The cemetery was incorporated through the Kentucky Secretary of State Nov. 1, 1999. The board filed an annual report March 12, 2000. Then Secretary of State John Y. Brown III administratively dissolved the corporation, Nov. 1, 2001, when it failed to file an annual report within 60 days after its due date.