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  • Aiming our Thanksgiving

    Two or three years ago, on a Sunday afternoon, I was having lunch at one of our local restaurants with another family from our church. When the time came to pay the bill, the waiter told us that the bill for our lunch had already been paid. Someone else sitting somewhere else in the restaurant decided to do something incredibly kind and generous for which I am still very thankful. They did not even want to receive praise or thanks for doing this, so they kept their identity a secret. I found myself wanting to thank someone but had nowhere to aim my thanks.

  • McIntyre meets the president
  • McIntyre meets the president
  • Keeton: Frozen turkeys must be thawed before cooking

    Well my friends, here we are once again. The cold breezes of the coming winter have begun blowing over the landscape. Winters grip cannot be far away and the dreams of summer days and grilling have been replaced with coats and thoughts of warm comfort foods slowly cooking in the oven. That can only mean one thing, holiday cooking is here!

    I love the holidays. That cannot be understated. I love the family gatherings, the laughs and seeing people that haven’t been around in a while. I also love the bounty of food that the holidays bring.

  • The Carrollton school revolution of 1896-1897

    In the early 1890s, as reported by Sarah Eva Howe in her scrapbooks, the children of Carrollton attended public school in the same building from first grade through high school graduation. Then came 1895 and a collision of circumstances that changed everything!

  • Put a stop to harassment

    The News-Enterprise

    From Hollywood to corporate America and from media figures to elected officials, the recent list of accused sexual offenders made public includes the names of some of the most powerful people in the country. Were it not for the abhorrent nature of why their names appear, the list could otherwise be considered a virtual “Who’s Who” of movers and shakers within their industries.

  • State has big job with maintaining facilities

    One of state government’s biggest responsibilities is constructing and managing the very buildings that house our employees, college students, prisoners and state park visitors.  It is no small job, considering that we maintain 88 million square feet of space valued at $18 billion.

  • Drop your drawers at the Carroll Co. Public Library!

    Make your next visit to the library a ‘brief’ one! Drop off packages of new underwear for boys and girls, preferably sizes 4 -16, during the month of November to the Carroll County Public Library. Donations will replenish the emergency supplies at local schools and Family Resoure Centers.

    The need is great. Schools can provide underwear for children in need due to accidents or issues at home. This can save valuable learning time when parents aren’t able to bring items to their children during school hours.

  • Cartmell Elementary salutes our veterans


    For The News-Democrat

    Cartmell Elementary Veterans Day assembly was held on Nov. 10. The assembly started with the Carroll County Honor Guard presenting the flags as Zachary Dean sang the National Anthem. Following the anthem the students said the pledge of allegiance.

    The guest speaker was Keith Dukes, father of Kaiden Dukes. He was an Aerographer’s mate in the U.S. Navy, and he put together a speech about his experience.

  • Noble graduates from Marine boot camp