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  • Student organizations help students explore common interests

    Many students at the Carrollton Campus take advantage of the clubs and organizations that exist at Jefferson Community and Technical College. These organizations provide students the opportunity to meet others in their major or with similar interests.  

  • Community Calendar – Nov. 28-Dec. 7

    Thursday, Nov. 28
    Thanksgiving Day

    Alcoholics Anonymous, 8 p.m., Carrollton Christian Church

    Friday, Nov. 29

    • Alcoholics Anonymous meets at 8 p.m. every Friday at the Warsaw First Christian Church, 207 W. High St., Warsaw.
    • Alcoholics Anonymous, 8 p.m., Carrollton Christian Church.

    Saturday, Nov. 30

  • True Thanksgiving is more than just a day

    True thanksgiving and gratitude are more than just a day of celebration. It is more than just a holiday. It is a way of life. To truly be happy, we must develop an attitude of gratitude in everyday life, in the good times and in the bad times.

  • O, give thanks!

    (Editor’s note: This is Nancy Kennedy’s annual psalm of thanksgiving, a tradition she thinks started in 2000. She didn’t keep track.) 

    Dear God,

    Here I am again, with a blank page in front of me, attempting to put into 750 words or less all the ways in which I am thankful. Where do I even begin?

    Thank you, Lord, that I belong to you. Thank you for the gifts of grace, repentance and faith, for forgiveness, for mercy, especially for your mercy that’s a continual source of healing for my sin-tainted soul.

  • Applications sought for CAIP progam by Extension office

    Applications will be available on Friday, Dec. 6 for the 2013 Carroll County Agricultural Investment Program at the Carroll County Extension Office.

    Applications must be picked up and returned to the Carroll County Exten-sion Office between Dec. 6 and Dec. 20 at 4:30 p.m.  We cannot accept applications before or after those dates.  

  • Tips to help families have safe, happy Thanksgiving

    As we celebrate this national holiday, I wish you and your family a blessed and safe Thanksgiving. You may be traveling miles to be with family and friends or might be staying home welcoming your family. Some of you may be spending a quiet day and for others it may be a big family gathering. On this day, we give thanks for the blessing of the harvest and for our friends and family. 

    Thanksgiving tradition 

  • 4-Hers invited to ‘ham’ it up during annual project

    One of the areas that 4-H offers to its youth is the country ham project. If 4-H members are interested in learning this process, a contract must be signed and in my hands by Dec. 8. 

    Please call the Extension office and request a contract or stop by and pick one up. The contracts also will be in each school office for the child to pick up. It is so exciting to see the young people as they learn some “back in the day” projects. Here are some facts about curing “green” hams the 4-H way.

  • Give spaghetti squash a try in next pasta dish

    Cold. That’s the only word I can think of to start this. OK, it’s probably not the only word, but it’s certainly the first one that comes to mind. That being said, we have to eat even when it’s cold and thus I’m moving right along to more pertinent things.

    Each month I talk about recipes and ways to design them. It’s always been that way with me. I’m happy to share the ideas on how I develop new recipes. 

    I subscribe to the, “teach a person to fish” methodology. 

  • Programs work to remove barriers so students can focus on learning

    For schools to provide students with a top-notch education, those students must first have the tools and basic resources necessary to be healthy and happy. The Youth Services Center and Family Ties Resource Center both work to ensure all students in the Carroll County School District have what it takes to excel.

  • What's Happening at Carroll County Public Library

    Thursday, Nov. 28: Thanksgiving, closed.

    Friday, Nov. 29: Walk-away the pounds, 9 a.m.; DIY body products, Christmas beauty products, 10 a.m.-noon; family movie, “Planes”, 2 p.m.

    Saturday, Nov. 29: Walk-away the pounds, 9 a.m.; family movie, “Turbo”, 2 p.m. 

    Monday, Dec. 2: Walk-away the pounds, 9 a.m.; computer walk-in help, 2-4 p.m.; Zumba, 5:15 p.m.

    Tuesday, Dec. 3: Walk-away the pounds; B4K club, 11 a.m.; computer walk-in help, 2-4p.m.; GED help, 4 p.m.; homework help, 5 p.m.; ESL Class, 6 p.m.