• Two voters support Grimes in race


    Be an informed voter. It will soon be time to vote in the upcoming election. Before you vote, did you know you can go online and check out the voting record of candidates? We did just that and you can too.

    At the end of this letter will be an Internet address you can access to check the facts we have found. 

    Here is what we found, Sen. Mitch McConnell’s voting records:

  • McConnell can make Senate action on bills


    This election is the most important in our lifetime. I believe Obama has froze the Senate only Harry Reid can approve any legislation that needs to be voted on. No one else has any authority.

    If McConnell wins this election he will be able to ensure bills can be voted on in the Senate. If Grimes wins nothing can occur legislatively without Reid and Obama’s approval. Hence then we are frozen in the Senate until Obama leaves in two years.

    Fred Waters


  • Owen resident supports McConnell for Congress


    In the interest of doing what is best for Kentucky and the nation, I request your vote for Mitch McConnell.  I ask that you consider the following:

    Experience— real experience in the Congressional Legislative process — does count.  Clearly Mitch has the overwhelming advantage over Alison’s documented lack of relevant experience.

    It is important that elected officials in Washington have our interest at heart and not their own. 

  • Store works to help local families in need


    I would like to take the time to personally thank the community for all the wonderful support and donations we receive at “Our Little Thrift Store,” located next to Traderbakers on Hwy. 227. It has always been a dream to some day open a business of my own and to also be able to help by giving back to those who need a helping hand. Our Little Thrift Store has provided the opportunity to do so in so many different ways.

  • Grant Co. resident supports Threlkeld


    I am writing this letter to ask the people in this county to elect John Brent Threlkeld to the office of Circuit Court Judge. In the seven years I have known him, he has grown into a very trusted friend, and I know he is the best person for this job.

  • Support the EPA’s efforts to protect the Clean Water Act


    In Kentucky, we are blessed with lots of fresh water.

    But much of that water is at risk. The Clean Water Act, intended to protect our waterways from pollution, is under attack from industry groups, which desire to pollute, cover or destroy critical waterways.

  • Retired teachers to collect for food pantry


    Retired Teachers’ week will be Oct. 19-25. The purpose of the week is to promote awareness of how retired educators give back to the community.

    Each year, the Kentucky Retired Teachers’ Association collects volunteer hours from each local association. For the 2013 year, CCRTA reported a total of 877 volunteer hours. The actual number was probably higher because not everyone reports their hours.

  • Perry Park resident supports McConnell for Senate


  • Dates to remember for Election Nov. 4


    With the upcoming General Election on Nov. 4, I would like to reminded the public of a few things:

    • Oct. 6, 2014 is the last day to register to vote or to make any changes.

    • Oct. 6-Nov. 3, 2014 the absentee machine will be set up in the County Clerk’s Office. The machine will be available Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. for anyone who will be out of town on Election Eay.

    Oct. 24, 2014 is the last day to file as a write-in candidate.

  • Sheriff thanks everyone for making trail ride a success