• Heroin is a problem


    Concerning heroin, changing the laws is not going to stop the drugs. Everybody needs to come together. What is needed is prayer.

    And a person has to want to change themselves. It’s a heartache to lose a loved one. I lost my daughter Mona to drugs.

    It’s not because a child comes from bad parents. Nobody knows what people go through.

    The police can’t be 24 hours a day. And we need more information through the schools. There is also counseling available in the Carrollton area.

    Marguarite Foree

  • Support for summer programs wins praise


    September is the end of the season for the farmers market First Fridays in downtown Carrollton. To me it seems like the four months weren’t long enough this year. I think it’s because the events had more things going on and were more fun.

  • Group has sole focus on heroin issue


    I have heard so many times over the past few weeks that all these “dope groups” as they are referred to need to come together. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to realize we all have different goals and different ideas on how to reach them. We have tried working with the Hope Against Dope and realized we wanted different things. Champions is working with children, or that’s what most everyone thought till recently. Now people are aware it is for adults also.

  • Group extends thanks for Safe Night support


  • Champions extends hand to new groups


    I wanted to take this opportunity to alleviate any confusion that the community might have at this point regarding some “drug free” groups within Carroll County. I can’t speak for every organization/entity, but I can speak on behalf of Champions for a Drug Free Carroll County and how we currently or will connect with these groups in the future. 

  • Rain kept Sheppard, Lang from performing


    I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped in organizing and carrying out the Labor Day concert and fireworks.  Mother Nature did not cooperate on the Fourth of July or on Saturday of Labor Day weekend, so we were not able to enjoy T. G. Shepherd and Kelly Lang in concert nor were we entertained by Dennis Wheeler. But the effort was still there, and I am sure the event would have been a success.

  • NKCAC in need of freezer for programs


    The Northern Kentucky Community Action Committee is in need of a freezer for its community building.

    A donation will qualify for a tax deduction.

    Crystal Murphy

  • Davy continues his mission in Kenya


    Greetings from Kenya!

    I continue enjoying my ministry in Kenya in good health and in high spirits. Last week our CMI fathers opened Emmaus Retreat Center in Muranga Diocese, Kenya. During the blessing ceremony, Bishop James Maria Wainania thanked the CMI fathers for opening the first and only retreat center in the diocese.

  • Poker Run raised more than $7,000


    We would like to say “thank you” to everyone who participated in the Christmas in August Poker Run on Sunday, Aug. 18.

    We had more than 200 bikes and more than 300 riders. We raised $7,014. We hope it was an awesome day for all who rode and all who worked the run. All of you is what makes the run a success.

    Thanks to the ladies who didn’t ride and stayed at Sunset taking care of business. They are Cherry Reynolds, Garlena Baumgardner Wilkerson, Kathy Meadows, Bard Couch and Connie.

  • Mail carrier earns praise for concern


    On Saturday morning. I was busy and had not taken in my newspapers.

    The mail carrier, Jeanne Rider, noticed this and also that I had not taken in my mail for a couple of days. She took the time to check on my welfare.

     I just wanted everyone to know how safe that made me feel.

    Pat Perkins

    Carrollton, Ky.