• Shootings offer points to consider


  • Bank earns thanks 
for its holiday spirit


    The staff and clients of the Carrollton Adult Day Training at NorthKey would like to thank Rita Power and her staff at River Valley Financial Bank for their generosity toward the ADT at Christmas. On Thursday, Dec. 20, the clients were treated to a pizza party and if that were not enough, the bank also provided a gift bag to each of the clients containing clothes, socks and candy.

    The ADT clients were very surprised and so appreciative that they were given such an unexpected gift. This is truly community service at its finest.

  • Rotary says thanks to Herb Kinman


    The Carrollton Rotary Club would like to thank Herb Kinman and the folks at Herb Kinman Chevrolet for allowing us to be a part of their grand reopening on Dec. 8.  Through their help, we are able to donate a gift of $500 to the Carroll County Food Pantry to help those who are less fortunate.

  • It’s time to look at spiritual answers


    Responding to last week’s articles advocating gun control, let me say such “fixes” are akin to putting a bandage on a large, uncleansed, infected wound. It looks better, but the wound is still there and can lead to death.

  • Focus should expand to address other issues


    The tragedy of school shootings such as the most recent incident at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newport, Conn., is compounded by the predictably myopic focus of the responses to such incidents. The focus tends to be almost exclusively on debates regarding interpretations of the Second Amendment to our Constitution rather than upon the basic causes and prevention of violence in our nation. The focus should be expanded to issues such as the following:

  • Guns don’t kill, people do the killing


    I am writing in response to Mrs. Boyd’s editorial last week calling for stricter gun laws. First I’d like to point out that, yes in fact guns do not kill people, neither do knives, baseball bats or any other product a person may find to commit acts of harm.

    In 2005, 52 people were killed in the London subway bombings; in 2002 Dr. Harold Shipman killed 172 of his patients. Timmy McVeigh killed 168 innocent people, (19 children under the age of 6, and injured 680 people). You can still buy fertilizer, racing fuel and rent box trucks.

  • Westside fund-raiser grows again this year


    I wanted to start with a big thank-you to the community for supporting the Westside Volunteer Fire Department fund-raiser on Saturday night. We had an amazing turnout.

  • Girl Scout Troop 337
appreciates support


    Carroll County Girl Scout Brownie Troop 337 would like to thank the following for helping us with our Dec. 1 fund-raiser at A Christmas Carroll.

    Thanks to Kevin Craig and the group that helped by allowing us to use the tent, and those that arranged the assembly and had it assembled. Thanks so much. We, as well as the girls, greatly appreciate all you do and have done for our troop.  

  • NorthKey ADT thanks Belterra for donations


    The staff and clients at the NorthKey Community Care ADT Program would like to thank the Belterra Casino Resort and Spa for the generous gifts they gave us for our annual awards luncheon in October. We also enjoyed eating at the buffet for our Thanksgiving meal in November.

    Our goal at the ADT is transforming lives and communities through excellent service. Your generosity towards our clients demonstrates your commitment to provide the moral support needed to continue our mission.

  • Youth services thanks KFC for fundraiser


    Carroll County Youth Services Center would like to say “thanks” to everyone who dined at Kentucky Fried Chicken. On Dec. 11, in support of  Prom Lock-In.

    Youth Services received 10 percent of the net sales for the day to go toward Prom Lock-In, which is an after-Prom party that is alcohol- and drug-free.

    A huge thank-you goes out to Kentucky Fried Chicken, Larry Mason and Suzanne Mason. Thank you so much for supporting our youth!