Today's Opinions

  • Rand reflects on Kentucky’s ties to the September 11th tragedy

     On Thursday this week, our nation will pause to remember those whose lives were lost on Sept. 11, 2001.

    If you are old enough to recall exactly where you were and what you were doing when you first heard the news, it can seem difficult to believe that 13 years have passed.

  • Resident wants mess in drive cleaned up


    It’s been three weeks since they paved Harley Drive, leaving the mess of dirt and gravel in my drive for me to clean up.

  • CCHS students to receive training for new laptops

    All Carroll County High School students this year are getting a driver’s license – a digital driver’s license.  The Carroll County School District is working with the University of Kentucky’s Digital Driver’s License (DDL) program to ensure that the students have the training that they need.  With students receiving new Lenovo laptops as part of the high school’s recent one-to-one rollout, DDLs help students safely and effectively use the laptops for learning.

  • Mattresses must be bagged for trash


    I have noticed several used mattresses along the curb recently for pick up by the trash collectors. Rumpke will pick up mattresses and furniture if they are properly prepared. 

    Due to the bed bug infestation, these items will not be taken by Rumpke unless they are sealed in a plastic bag. The bags are available from the city by contacting the mayor’s office at (502) 732-7051 or Public Works at 304 Sycamore Street, (502) 732-7050, or the Code Enforcement Officer at (502) 732-7043. 

  • Office appreciates response to robbery


    I want to say a very big thank you to the Carrollton Police Department for its help and effort in responding to the robbery in June at U.S. Bank.  They responded very quickly and continued to work very diligently in making sure the guy was apprehended and protected.

  • Lottery funding helps to fund student educational programs

    Earlier this spring, the Kentucky Lottery reached a major milestone when it marked a quarter-century since its first ticket was sold in the commonwealth.

    This spring was also when the General Assembly lifted a little-known prohibition that had kept the lottery from advertising how the state’s proceeds are spent, even though it has generally been known that this money goes toward education. 

  • Use glycemic index to guide food choice

    Sweet potatoes or white ones? White rice or brown rice? White  bread or brown bread? Chances are that anyone who has decided to ‘eat clean’ as one of their new goals have asked one or all of these questions.

    In fact some people may have sought advice from a friend, coach or trainer and odds are they’d have been told to stay away from the white stuff. But would those good Samaritans have been right, and what were they basing their advice on?

  • Skillet dish makes it easy to prepare a tasty meal

    Hello once again my friends. It’s hard to believe its September. It’s hot and it’s humid and that makes me think of one thing — cooking. Yes, cooking. To be honest, most things make me think of cooking so it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

    This time of year it’s hard to think of cooking indoors. It’s hot enough inside the house and the thought of turning on the stove and making it even hotter is not a thought that appeals to very many people. That gets me to the point of this month’s article; outdoor cooking.