Today's Opinions

  • Health Department hosts 5K Color Run/Walk July 23

    Join us for a colorful good time! As the Community Health Educator at The Three Rivers District Health Department, I am excited to announce the award of $3,000 to promote and host a 5K Color Run/Walk. This will be a new health/fitness opportunity made possible by an Interact for Health mini grant that I wrote. Saturday, July 23, will be the day of the color blast at The Kentucky Speedway in Gallatin County as a central location for our serviced counties. 

  • Main Street thanks helpers with Easter event


    The Carrollton Main Street Program would like to express its sincere thanks to the following for their help in making our recent Easter on the Square event a huge success: Carrollton Wal-Mart, Ron Knight and the City of Carrollton Public Works Department, Carrollton Police Department, Carrollton Fire Department, Kentucky Kruizers and Dave Weed, our volunteers from Family Worship Center, and the other volunteers who helped with the event. Without these people, the event would not have been possible.


  • House-version of budget restores about $300 million of Bevin’s education cuts

    In one sense, Kentucky’s budget doesn’t change much from year to year.  A little more than half of every state dollar, for example, goes to our schools, colleges and universities.  Another fourth is dedicated to Medicaid and other health services, a little more than a tenth is spent on criminal justice and the final dime goes to everything else.

    While there is relatively little discussion in the General Assembly about those ratios, there is often lively debate on the best way to move each major area forward.

  • Senate begins combing through House budget

    After over two months of anticipation and debate, the Senate finally received the state budget bill from the House midway through the 11th week of the 2016 Kentucky General Assembly. Gov. Matt Bevin was elected in a landslide because the people of Kentucky recognized a need for financial change and fiscal responsibility. We think the upcoming budget will reflect those needs for the betterment of the Commonwealth.

  • Three Rivers Friends of NRA banquet huge success


    On March 12, Three Rivers Friends of NRA held its annual banquet at the National Guard Armory in Carrollton, and it was a huge success. This year we had 226 people participate in our raffles, games and live auction. Congratulations to all the winners.

  • Motivation to exercise: Get it and keep it

    Starting to exercise and keeping at it can be a real struggle.  Here are a few ways that helped me to get and stay motivated.

    1. Lighten goals

    Sometimes when starting to exercise, your goal may be too big for you at that time. Make smaller goals (go to the gym three times a week,  walk a mile, drink more water). Slowly change your exercise habits and eating habits. Doing everything at once can be overwhelming.

    2. Track or journal your progress

  • State legislators enter ‘fourth quarter,’ aim to pass budget

    Not only did Friday mark the end to another busy week in the Kentucky Senate, it also was day 46 of our 60-day legislative session. We are now in the proverbial “fourth quarter” when the House and the Senate must come together to get a victory for the state of Kentucky by passing a responsible budget. After 10 weeks we are still awaiting a key “assist” from our colleagues in the House in the form of a budget bill that has yet to pass the lower chamber. 

  • House leaders say education cuts will be scaled back in budget

    As other Kentucky House leaders and I were putting the final touches on a proposed two-year state budget last week, legislators received not one but two reports of good economic news.

    On Thursday, state officials said that revenues have grown 4.3 percent so far this current fiscal year, all but guaranteeing a surplus with less than four months to go.  The sales tax – one of the state’s major revenue sources and a strong indicator of consumer confidence – has now increased in 24 of the past 26 months.